Portable Active@ Data Studio 7.1.0

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Active@ Data Studio (Live CD) contains a set of both desktop applications and a bootable image for booting up any system into a DOS or Windows environment. Whether you need to perform data recovery, data imaging, or to securely erase data, Active@ Data Studio allows you to run the utilities from within Windows or to boot a system up from a self-contained boot environment.

Key Features:

• Active@ UNDELETE v. 8.5.5 (stand-alone and on Boot Disk);
• Active@ File Recovery 10.0.7 (UFS & Ext4 file systems support);
• Active@ Partition Recovery 8.0.2 (UFS & Ext4 file systems support);
• Active@ Disk Image 5.4.2 (SSD support);
• Active@ Password Changer 4.1.235 (drive lock issue resolved);
• Active@ Disk Monitor 1.4 (new device refresh issue resolved);
• Active@ KillDisk 7.0.4;
• Active@ Disk Editor 2.1.35 (Integration with File & Partition Recovery)
• Boot Disk Creator creates password protected boot disks and can pre-configure Network Settings (Static IP, etc..)
• Dual-boot functionality (DOS + Windows)