Portable Eassos PartitionGuru 4.6.5 Professional Edition


It’s always best to create multiple partitions on the computer in order to protect the bulk of the data in case something goes wrong with the operating system, for instance. PartitionGuru is a small program that was designed for partition management, but also for other tasks. The utility has a simple interface that should be easy to figure out by all users.

As mentioned, the program can not only be used for managing partitions, but also for recovering data, formatting, creating and deleting partitions. It can also recover lost files, lost partitions, clone partitions and discs to image files, as well as many other jobs. Furthermore, resizing and splitting partitions, as well as hiding and renaming them is also on the job list.

You may view various details regarding each of the partitions, such as the file system, ID, start and end cylinders, as well as overall capacity. Advanced information regarding the volume label can be viewed as well.

If there are any bad sectors on the hard disk, the program can repair them. This can prevent future hard disk failure to some extent.

Recover files
- Recover files deleted;
- Recover files emptied from recycle bin;
- Recover files from specified partition;
- Recover files from specified disk;
- Recover files by file type, hundreds file types are supported;
- File preview, image txt and office document files are supported;
- File filter, by file type, file name, file size and more.

Recover partitions
- Recover files from damaged or invalid partitions;
- Search for lost or deleted partitions;
- Recover files from searched partitions;
- Repair partition table from searched partitions (partition restore).

RAID recovery
- Construct virtual RAID;
- All RAID types supported;
- Recover data from virtual RAID just as same as from local disk.

Verify and repair bad track
- Verify disk tracks;
- Repair bad tracks.

Manage partitions
- Create, delete, format, rename and hide partition;
- Resize partition losslessly and split partition;
- Quick Partition;
- Integral Size Partition ;
- Backup and restore Partition Table;
- Both MBR and GPT are supported.

Backup and restore partitions
- Clone partition to image file;
- Restore partition from image file;
- Clone partition to another partition.

Clone disk
- Clone disk to another disk;
- Three clone modes can be selected:
Copy all sectors
Copy all files
Copy all valid sectors;

Manage virtual disk
- Create virtual disk;
- Open virtual disk and recover data form it as a local disk;
- Open virtual disk and operate it as a local disk;
- VMware, Virtual PC, VirtualBox and Img format are supported.

Delete files permanently
- Delete files permanently;
- File will be cleared and can not be recovered any more;

Create bootable usb flash disk
- Create bootable usb flash disk;
- USB-HDD USB-FDD USB-ZIP are supported;
- Dos version PartitionGuru can be embedded;
- Especially useful when windows system damaged.

Backup and restore windows like ghost
1. Backup C: partition to an image file;
2. Reboot to PartitionGuru DOS version;
3. Or, make a bootable USB flash disk, embed DOS version PartitionGuru, boot the computer with this USB flash disk; 4. Restore C: partition with the image file backuped above.
More convenient and powerful than GHOST!