Portable MKV Buddy x64

If you enjoy watching movies on your computer, you probably understand how certain file formats can provide you with a richer experience. Fortunately, you can use third-party software solutions, such as MKV Buddy, that can help you convert your video files to more convenient formats, according to your needs.

Comprehensive user interface

This program can be easily installed on your machine, as it does not require any advanced configuration on your part. It features an extensive, yet user-friendly design that organizes its controls neatly, thus allowing you to access them with minimum difficulty.

Switching between its different modules can be achieved easily by clicking the corresponding button, according to your needs.

Rework and convert videos

MKV Buddy enables you to manage video files on your computer, whether they are series, movies or regular clips, in a wide variety of ways. It is possible that you can rework, recode or remux them by accessing the appropriate category for each operation.

The aforementioned categories integrate additional submenus that allow you to further customize the process based on the file type. For instance, reworking a movie requires you to adjust different parameters than reworking a regular video clip.

Edit metadata and fix MKV files

Additionally, you can edit advanced details for your documents in a simple manner, by clicking the Metadata button, defining a source directory and toggling the available parameters on or off.

More so, this application provides you with miscellaneous tools that you can use to fix MKV files from your computer, tweak 3D video-related settings and also extract video, audio or subtitle tracks from your documents.

As a conclusion

All in all, MKV Buddy is a handy software solution that can help you manage video files on your computer in a vast variety of ways by allowing you to rework, recode or remux them while also providing you with additional tools.

New in version (July 14, 2016)
• Fixed – Small GUI glitches
• Fixed – Removed “Abort Button” from “remuxx after tagging” as it could lead to data lost in rare circumstances

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (64-bit)