Portable Phrozen Security Toolset 2016



A handy single-exeucutable toolset including 5 security related programs developed by PHROZEN. It includes Windows Privacy Tweaker, Computrace Detector, Who Stalks My Cam, ADS Revealer & RunPE Detector.


Windows Privacy Tweaker

Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest upgrade to its operating system, comes bundled with telemetry and tracking services that are enabled by default. While the company is insisting that it was ‘not spying’ but simply trying to enhance the program by understanding what users do, Windows 10 is constantly collecting users’ data, sharing Wi-Fi passwords to contacts (albeit with encryption), and collects data and usage patterns exhibited by every user of Windows 10. But don’t be fooled, even older versions of Windows shared some information with Microsoft. So, your sense of privacy and security may have been severely compromized for a long time without you knowing about it. But all your suspicions may be resolved because now there is Phrozensoft Windows Privacy Tweaker that easily restores all your settings to it maximum safety levels. Use it and you have no more issues about your privacy or online safety. We take care about that.

Who Stalks My Cam

Who Stalks My Cam detects and alerts you about the threat to your activities and conversations. This it does when you run it in your system to perform the assignment. Not only does it detect the problem; It offers a solution and undertakes to fix the problem. For example, if a spy program is detected, there is a possibility of the programs webcam being closed, stopping it from spying on you altogether. Apart from disabling and blocking the webcam of the spy software, the program is also able to get in the way any spy processes of the program, disabling or diverting them so that your data, activities and conversations remain secure.

Phrozen ADS Revealer

Phrozen ADS (Alternate Data Stream) Revealer is a Microsoft Windows program, especially designed to reveal possible malicious ADS files in your file system. Since the Alternate Data Stream functionality is only available for NTFS (New Technology File System), the program is able to scan and detect this kind of files only for this type of file system (Physical Hard Drive/Virtual Hard Drive/Physical Removable Device/Virtual Removable Device). If some ADS Files are detected during the scan you then can decide wether or not you want to keep them or to back them up. You can also have a content preview to detect in one glance if it looks legitemate or not. Phrozen ADS Revealer is the perfect tool to sanitize your NTFS file systems against bloated content or hidden malwares. Another great tool to put in your collection and 100% free.

RunPE Detector

Phrozen RunPE Detector is a security program, especially designed to detect and defeat some suspicious processes using a generic method. We at Phrozen Software do things differently, more creatively. So, when we set ourselves the task of creating a novel way of detecting, disabling and removing RATs, we didn’t want to take the route every other anti-virus company has done before us. Phrozen Software studied the behaviour of RATs and discovered that hackers virtually always use a technique called RunPE. This technique spawns a legitimate process – often the default browser or a Microsoft system process – and replace it with a malicious program code directly in memory. Your computer is thus tricked and treats the malicious code as a legitimate process. The user and his anti-virus program have no idea that his default browser is effectively turned into a virus.

Computrace Detector

The website of Computrace shouts at you: Recover Stolen Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets with Absolute LoJack. That’s good news, you might think: a program that (theoretically at least) can be used to locate a stolen laptop.

But all is not well, because the program is pre-installed in the BIOS of millions of laptops, without you knowing about it. According to the manufacturer, Computrace software is disabled in your BIOS when you buy your computer and it is only enabled when you pay and sign up for the Computrace services and then another program, the Persistence Module, is installed.

Computrace can be considered malware because it details what your machine is running, what software is installed, and what IP information is allocated to your machine at the time it reports to Absolute’s network.

The biggest problem, some security analysts say, is that a malicious hacker can manipulate and control the call-home process. That’s because the technology uses a configuration method that contains the IP address, port and URL, all hard-coded in the Option-ROM. At first run, the configuration method is copied in many places, including the registry and hard-disk inter-partition space. It is very easy to modify the configuration, giving it the ability to point the IP and URL to a malicious site, where un-authenticated payloads, such as RATs, can be directed to your laptop.

Because the malware is white-listed by antivirus software, the malicious modifications will go unnoticed.