Portable PreSonus Notion 5.1.374 Multilanguage

PreSonus Notion portable is famed for outstanding playback sounds, speedy workflow, compatibility, and ease of use, and it’s the only notation software that works with a standalone iPad app. It offers powerful features for scoring to picture. And it costs a fraction of what those slow, bloated, overcomplicated scoring programs soak you for. That’s why Notion 5 is the best notation software for composers, performers, producers, worship teams, arrangers, orchestrators, educators, and music students.

Hear Your Music Played by World-Class Musicians.
Notion gives you by far the best playback of any notation product, including orchestral samples recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra. But that’s just the beginning of its playback features.

Interactive Tools Make Entry Fast and Intuitive.
Enter notes with ease using Notion 5’s interactive fretboard, keyboard, and drum pad. Choose chords from a generous chord library (enhanced in version 5), and create your own chords.

Truly Cross Platform.
Create a score in Notion for Mac or Windows—then continue to work on it in Notion for iPad. Or start with the iPad and transfer to your Mac or Windows computer for in-depth editing. No other notation software can do this.

Picture This.
If you compose to picture, Notion 5 is your new best friend.

Plays Well with Others.
In addition to working well with VST instruments and transferring to and from iPad, Notion offers support for standard file formats—and ReWire.

Capture MIDI Parts and Edit Them with Your Score.
Recording and editing MIDI data is easy in Notion. Viewing MIDI and standard notation together makes the experience special.

Every Bit Helps.
Here’s a bit of good news: Notion 5 can run with 64-bit or 32-bit addressing on Mac and Windows. It works great with Windows 8 touchscreens and Mac Retina displays, too.

Don’t Just Play Your Music: Perform and Produce it, Too.
Notion 5 enables you to perform your scores live and even offers features you expect in a digital audio workstation—including PreSonus plug-ins!

The following features are new in Notion 5: Studio
  • Write to picture:
    • Video window – 64-bit Windows® and Mac®; support for modern file formats
    • Film Score staff to add timecode and hitpoints
    • Frame-rate options
    • Fit to Time tool adjusts selected region to required duration
  • Audio upsampling for export
  • Start/stop at any point in an attached Wave file
  • Export audio of each staff or bus as an individual stem
  • New PreSonus® Native Effects™ plug-ins from Studio One®: Compressor, Limiter, EQ
  • Number of mixer buses doubled from four to eight
  • New VST sample library support including Sample Logic and System Blue marching band and percussion libraries
  • Cross-staff beaming:
    • Notes can be beamed across staves, from left to right hands, for grand staff instruments (piano, harp, clavinet, electric piano, harpsichord, marimba, synth, celesta)
    • Arpeggios and glissandi will work across both staves
  • Chords:
    • Expanded chord library and characters
    • Recent-chord picker
    • Design custom chord symbols and diagrams
    • Chord symbols now vertically align on the page
    • Chords remain on fretboard for repeated entry
    • Chord diagrams can be edited on fretboard
  • Drag score items for exact placement
  • Improvement of note spelling in MIDI entry
  • Flip enharmonics of a region and of selected notes
  • Copy-and-paste in specific voices
  • Add ties in step time
  • Cautionary key and clef
  • Out-of-range notes turn different color
  • Add Capo feature
  • Stemless slashes for leadsheets
  • Ability to change font for all score text items
  • Multiple first-time repeat endings
  • Select and copy all lyrics
  • In Multi-Voice entry, move staccato articulation to center the articulation with the note stem
  • Allow user to manually move articulations vertically
  • Add ability to set the articulation to a particular side of a note
  • Add extended melisma line to lyrics
  • New instrument expansion packs available:
    • Brass: Alto Trombone, Bass Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn, Piccolo Trumpet, Soprano Trumpet
    • Woodwind: Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Bass Oboe, Basset Horn, Contrabass Clarinet, Oboe d’Amore
  • Multiple printing:
    • Print all parts
    • Print specific numbers of parts
    • Print selected parts
  • Titles now synced across score and parts
  • Format dynamic part layout separately to full score
  • Edit fonts for all text items
User Interface
  • Retina display (Mac)
  • Touchscreen optimization for Windows 8
  • Custom Rules Editor to easily integrate third-party VST libraries
  • Sibelius and Finale number pad shortcut set options
  • Localization in U.S. and British English, French, German, Japanese, and Latin American Spanish
  • New international keyboard shortcut set to utilize numbers for rhythms rather than letters
  • User interface redesign to reflect PreSonus Studio One® style
Notion 5 also has the following fixes and improvements:
  • Ties in grand staff voices now show the correct way up
  • Playback of chord extensions now possible (when using rhythm slashes)
  • Bracketed groups now showing on imported MIDI files
  • Option to keep mixer on top
  • Option added to keep video window on top and view/hide shortcut
  • Allow a mix of stems up and stems down in a beam group
  • Fix exporting chord extensions in MusicXML
  • Tuplet numbers show as default on the stem side, rather than note side
  • Quick Reference Guide updated and localized
  • User Guide fully updated
  • Issue with accidentals on grand staff now fixed
  • Updated presets for Vienna Symphonic Library available
  • Bundled sounds in smaller download chunks
  • Fix the ends of slurs colliding with staccato
  • Fix slurs being attached occasionally to wrong voice
  • Fix ability to change stem direction for middle voices in a measure that has more than two voices