Portable Systimizer

Repair the Windows Registry, get rid of junk files boost your PC’s speed and remove unnecessary startup items, with this intuitive program. Your computer can be slowed down for a number or reasons, and average users normally lack the required knowledge to deal with these issues on their own. Fortunately, there are plenty of applications designed to help you out. Systimizer portable is one of them, a novice-friendly utility that can help you defragment the Windows registry and fix errors, delete junk files, remove startup items and optimize your PC’s speed in various other ways.

Deal with Registry issues and get rid of junk files
When you run a system scan, the application analyzes the Windows registry and highlights any errors that were encountered. Of course, you can navigate through them and deselect any that you feel should not be modified. Additionally, the application can defragment the Registry in an effort to boost your computer’s speed. Systimizer also scans your system for junk files that are no longer needed and take up a lot of valuable disk space for no reason.

Optimize system services and clean the startup list
The “System Booster” function is designed to improve performance by optimizing system services and processes. It is especially useful when running resource-intensive applications. Lastly, the Systimizer can display all the programs that are launched automatically at system startup and may cause your PC to open more slowly. You have the option of disabling any of them or removing them from the list altogether.

Straightforward application that lacks documentation
Systimizer features a modern, sleek user interface, and navigating through the available menus is by no means complicated. Therefore, novices should find it to be very accessible.