Portable Xara Web Designer 365 Premium v12.0 (x64)

Xara Web Designer portable is an easy to learn and use tool for prototyping and creating web sites. Unlike most existing, Xara Web Designer Web designers is a tool that works on the principle of a WYSIWYG, and allows designers to create websites, compliant XHTML and correctly displayed in any standard browser on any platform. Developers do not have to spend time on the development of markup languages ​​and scripting.

A range of improvements and new features:
• Updated NavBars element automatically expands as you type, and its modified version is displayed on all pages.
• Advanced mode display images in a slide show.
• The ability to drag and drop multiple images at once will be useful when filling in Web galleries.
• Upgraded tools for working with text easy to add to the page numbered lists and bulleted lists, and help to “wrap” text graphics and images.
• Pictures and graphics can now be fixed in one place and will scroll with the text.
• Simplified mechanism for uploading videos to MP4 format and built-in video player.
• Support for pages with smoothed corners.
• Improved mechanisms for inserting snippets of HTML.
• Simplified procedure for adding links to external files such as PDF and Word documents.
• Automatically backup and save documents open at the end of the application.
• Access to free web hosting directly from the application interface.

12 new version

  • New Reveal animations
  • New chart SmartShapes
  • New Text Panel Designs
  • New simple SmartShapes
  • Improved PDF importo
  • Improved Word Import & Export
  • Improved RTF Import & Expor
Premium versions
  • Reveal animations
  • Scroll Animations
  • Stick at top
  • New chart SmartShapes
  • Packed Photo Grid
  • Packed Photo Grids
  • Improved Word Import & Export
  • Xara Online Designer