AVG Rescue CD 120.150814 for CD/USB

Everyone knows the consequences of computer crashes or virus infections, along with the wasted hours trying to restore lost files or recover the contents of damaged documents. AVG Rescue CD can be of great use in these cases, as it provides you with the proper tool for retrieving your folders. If malware gets past your security software, AVG Rescue CD can get your PC back up and running. AVG resellers have been using this same solution to recover their customers infected systems and now it’s available to your business, free of charge. It’s your systems clean bill of health without the bill.

Depending on your necessities, you can download a dedicated version for a CD or for a USB stick, depending on the type of media you want to use. Basically, if you want to burn the application of a disc, you need to download the ISO file, whereas running it from a bootable flash drive requires the files from the archive file.

Once you have burned or copied AVG Rescue CD to the chosen media, you can directly boot the PC to the main AVG menu which allows you to effortlessly scan the computer for viruses or analyze the last scan results.

Additionally, you can configure the network, inspect the virus vault or re-mount Windows volumes, as well as reboot or shutdown the computer.

If you need to run the included scripts for fixing known issues, you can choose to update the list, launch a certain script according to the number you received from Tech Support, or you can repair certain problems caused by false positive detections.

Another benefit in using AVG Rescue CD is that it also provides access to several Linux utilities for managing the infected computer, such as a ping tool, a file explorer, a dedicated Windows registry editor and a disk data recovery component. Moreover, you can also run a S.M.A.R.T. test on your disks.

As a conclusion, it needs to be mentioned that AVG Rescue CD is best used by computer experts as it requires some advanced PC skills to efficiently remove infections and retrieve files.


Key technologies:

• Anti-virus – protection against viruses, worms and Trojans
• Anti-spyware – protection against spyware, adware and identity theft
• Administration toolkit – system recovery tools
• Midnight Commander – a two-panel file manager
• Windows Registry Editor – simple registry editor for more experienced users
• TestDisk – powerful hard drive recovery tool
• Ping – to test the availability of network resources (servers, domains, IP addresses)
• Common Linux programs and services – vi text editor, OpenSSH daemon, ntfsprogs etc.