Portable Black Bird System Info Pro




Before deciding whether or not it’s worth upgrading your hardware, it’s necessary to find out the exact components that your computer comes equipped with. If you feel that the Windows Device Manager does’t show enough information, you can turn to third-party applications that focus on collecting system information, such as Black Bird System Info portable.

This lightweight piece of software is wrapped in a user-friendly and attractive interface, where system information is automatically gathered and displayed in separate categories accessible on the left side of the main window. If you have trouble launching the tool, make sure that you have the latest version of .NET Framework installed since it cannot work properly without this software framework.

View system information using this tool

Details about your computer’s CPU, hardware, memory, audio, video, BIOS, network and motherboard are available, along with a summary (the computer name, operating system, CPU, RAM, video, motherboard, hard drives, number of processors).

For example, when it comes to the CPU, you can find out the address width, architecture, asset tag, availability, caption, characteristics, CPU status, creation class name, current clock speed, current voltage, data width, description, device ID, and much more. Some areas, however, can only be unlocked in the professional version of Black Bird System Info. There are currently no options implemented for copying, printing or exporting sysinfo to file.

Easy-to-use sysinfo viewer

The software utility swiftly gathered info about the computer during our tests while having minimal impact on the system’s performance. We haven’t come across any compatibility issues with the latest Windows version in our tests.

On the other hand, Black Bird System Info doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Nevertheless, it shows useful details about the computer and it’s wrapped in a pleasant-looking interface.


– Full information about your PC’s Battery, CD ROM, Keyboard, Printer, Mouse, USB etc.
– Entire information about your Hardware and Processor.
– All about computer’s Video Card.
– All about PC’s Audio properties and Audio Driver.
– Entire information about your Network, the Internet, Network adapter, Network Protocols.
– All about your Motherboard, Memory and BIOS.

What’s NEW:
– Changed algorithms of getting system information.
– Showing CPU and RAM Memory usage information.
– Fixed bugs.