Portable FotoSketcher 3.60 Final Multilanguage


FotoSketcher converts your digital images into pencil sketches, pen and ink drawings or various painting styles (watercolor, oil painting etc.). Just load the photo, select the desired sketch style and the program will instantly apply the effect. You can tweak various drawing parameters to simulate different drawing styles, add a photo frame or text, and save the digital sketch as new image without changing your original photo.

In addition to sketch and paint conversions, Fotosketcher can also apply vintage photo and sepia effects.

FotoSketcher is an easy to use software solution that converts the image files stored on your computer to pencil sketches with user-defined parameters.

Although it provides a great amount of editing features, FotoSketcher remains a very easy to use application, and the main component that makes it that way is the interface.

With a split screen to show you the original and the edited photo, FotoSketcher also boasts multiple parameters, which allow any user to configure the way the pencil sketch looks like.

For example, you can select the drawing style and adjust edge threshold and intensity, color intensity, darken or lighten the drawing, set the level of contrast, soften edges, add a frame or add text. The drawing style includes multiple modes, such as pencil sketches, painting effects, pixelation, colored dots and other miscellaneous effects such as vivify, vintage and merge source and edited photos.

Additionally, FotoSketcher also allows the user to modify the source image by adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, blur and sharpen, with separate sliders to let you easily configure all these parameters.

Unfortunately, FotoSketcher works with only three image formats, namely JPG, BMP and PNG.

While the number of features is impressive, FotoSketcher remains pretty easy to use, mostly thanks to the fact that the app shows preview screens all the time, allowing you to see your modifications in real time as you apply them.

Change log for version 3.60:

– UI/UX improvements (new splash screen, new material design icons in menus, for both light and dark themes, support for the keyboard right and left keys in the parameters window).
– better brushstroke placement in the Painting 4 algorithm.
– support for High Definition export in Painting 4 (up to 20,000×20,000 pixels).
– possibility of loading and optimizing multiple custom brushes in Painting 4.
– saving of Painting 4 custom brushes in a .fsk parameters file.
– support for a different background color in the Oil Pastel sketch and Painting 4 effects.
– Speed improvement for Pencil Sketch 1.
– bug fix in Painting 7.
– new tool available to reset the .ini file if FotoSketcher crashes on startup.


Download FotoSketcher Portable Software

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