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After taking nice videos and photos with your camera or mobile phone, you want to edit it to make it look nice. There are different kinds of video editors out there but you want the best of them to give you the high-quality video you crave. This is why you need HitPaw Toolkit Portable video editor. With HitPaw Toolkit video editor for pc, you don’t need to be a professional video editor before you can make high-quality videos.

HitPaw proudly announces the launch of a remarkable new video toolkit that will reshape the way people edit their videos in this digital age. Founded in 2020, the emerging tech-startup is determined to lead the industry of digital content creation, especially in the fields of video editing, video conversion, image editing, meme making and several other areas.

“We are overjoyed to announce that this toolkit has all the video tools a user needs in one place, and it has many advantages over other similar software available online,” said the CEO of HitPaw, while talking about the newly launched HitPaw Toolkit. In addition, HitPaw Toolkit has combined a wide range of useful features for video editing in a single software.

1. Cut Video:
Users can easily cut a video and split it into two or more and can extract their desired clip from a video. Users can cut the video in any length and anytime.

2. Add Music:
Moreover, HitPaw Toolkit also supports music addition to a video, which means that users can add music or a song or even background voice to their videos.

3. Video to GIF:
The one-of-a-kind toolkit also supports video conversion to GIF, which means that users can use a video as a meme as well. Use the software, converting your video to GIF becomes easy and quick.

4. Change Speed:
It also enables users to change the speed of the video as they can slow down or speed up the video as they desire.

Other features of HitPaw Toolkit include cropping or rotating a video, making a stop motion, and much more. HitPaw also features a watermark removal tool, and free conversion feature, which enables users to remove watermarks from their videos or convert their video into the format of their choice.

HitPaw Toolkit gives you ultimate ways to create stunning video. You can use it to cut, crop & rotate, adjust, speed videos, add music to videos, stop motion, convert video to GIF and many more.

Get your video begin with HitPaw Toolkit. All the video tools you need, in one place.
1. Cut Video: it has never been so easy to cut a video. Just Drag in, cut and then, finish.
2. Add Music: add music to video, only 3 steps
3. Video to GIF: super easy and fast to convert video to GIF,
4. Change Speed: speed up or slow down video in 1 click
5. Adjust Video: make outstanding videos with special adjust features
6. Crop & Rotate: crop or rotate video easily as you want
7. Stop Motion: stop motion is not exclusive for a professional video creator with HitPaw


Download HitPaw Toolkit Portable

Download – 89.9 MB
Mirror – 89.9 MB

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