Portable MKV Buddy v2.0.1.2

The main goal of MKV Buddy is to simplify and speed up daily work with video files. The basic use is pretty simple. You choose what you want to do, select the folder to work on and let MKV Buddy do the rest without further interaction.

The new MKV-Buddy V2 brings you wizards for any kind of video rework. The program can decide if a video needs to be recoded, remuxed or only be renamed and enriched with fanart and metadata with a single mouse click.

Aside this all options known from MKV-Buddý V1 are available too, most of them are enhanced or completely redone. As example the option to generate fanart for videos without online sources. Here you now can use templates for cover, backdrop and even borders (easy to create, add and remove by yourself). And you can select how many stills are ued for cover and backdrop as you like. Options are 1 or 2 stills for poster and 2 to 6 stills for backdrops…

Fixed – Changed API on MyAPIFilms as of 2016-01-01
Fixed – Some configuration issues

Enhnachment – Option to download chapters from ChapterDB
Enhanchment – New Log Collector to provide easyaccess to log files.

Updates – MKVToolnix to 8.7.0
Updates – FFMpeg to git-fc703f5
Updates – nfo4MPv2 to v0.14
Updates – MediaInfo.dll to 0.7.81