Portable Corel PaintShop Pro 2020 Ultimate v22.1.0.33 (x64)




Your Photoshop alternative, designed by you. Experience a professional photo editor designed by the passionate photo enthusiasts who use it. PaintShop® Pro 2020 is your affordable, user-centric alternative to Photoshop—with every new feature inspired by user ideas. Make compelling compositions and impactful design projects using a complete set of professional image editing tools. This latest version delivers a faster, more robust PaintShop Pro, that’s easier to use and more creative than ever.

Edit photos like a pro
Retouch and enhance your images with a comprehensive set of progressive photo editing tools. Enjoy powerful, layer-based editing.

Create impressive design projects
Design with text, brushes and textures, plus drawing and painting tools to create attention-grabbing designs.

Improve photos with quick fixes
Crop, straighten, resize, enhance and retouch, or use one-click adjustments to instantly correct.

Add effects for impact
Experiment with hundreds of creative filters and fun effects to make your photos pop.

Remove flaws and distractions
Eliminate imperfections and unwanted photo elements, from a small scratch to an entire background.

What’s New in Corel PaintShop Pro 2020:

Enhanced performance
Put your favorite tools to the test and experience remarkable performanceand speed improvements designed to enhance your workflow and efficiency.

● 200% faster text rendering
● Up to 30% faster text editing
● 25% faster Pic-to-Painting

Ease of Use
We’ve listened to our loyal users and made specific improvements and enhancements based on those needs:

● One-click copy and paste settings from one layer to another
● Increased precision for the Crop toolbar’s Depth of Field effect
● Numerous improvements based on user requests

NEW! Creative content
Be more innovative and produce unique results with these creative assets:

● Innovative brushes
● Inspirational color palettes
● Versatile picture tubes
● Eye-catching gradients and patterns

NEW! Touch-Friendly Photography Workspace
Looking for a simple way to start editing in PaintShop Pro? The new Photography Workspace offers basic photo enhancements in a clean and friendly workspace.

NEW! SmartClone
Easily merge elements from multiple images and seamlessly integrate them into one.

NEW Photography Workspace
Touch-ready, highly simplified workspace that allows you to focus exclusively on quick photo edits for wow-factor results.

NEW Refine Brush
The Selection tool just got so much stronger. A Refine Brush has been added to your Selection toolset to enable you to select an object with extreme precision and accuracy, down to a single strand of hair. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

Accelerated tools & power
The Text tool has undergone impressive enhancements to both speed and responsiveness, and delivers noticeable improvements in rendering, inputting, editing, and wrapping.

Features fueling your photo editing software
Get exactly the results you want with PaintShop Pro’s innovative tools and features. Enjoy a full-featured photo and design toolset to help you create just about anything with ease.

Professional photo editing:
– Crop & correct
– Selection tools
– Scripts
– 360° camera support
– RAW photo editing
– HDR tools

Creative graphic design:
– Layers & Masks
– Digital drawing & painting
– Text
– Creative content
– Pic-to-Painting

Release Notes:

New/Enhanced items:
– SmartClone: You can now adjust the size and rotation of the selected clone source directly (you do not need to save it to the SmartClone library first).
– More than 30 bugs resolved.

Issues addressed and changes:
– Text: Resolved stability issue when working with text on paletted images (2, 16, 256 colors).
– Black and White 2-color images now retain color depth when saved and reopened in PaintShop Pro.
– Windows for images (available when Tabbed Documents is off) now resize to match image size during cropping and zooming.
– Depth of Field: Corrected zoom results issue.
– Guides: Onscreen Guide (lines) positioning or deletion is no longer disabled when the Crop tool is enabled.
– Display improvements: Improved text refresh to avoid incomplete text display, corrected dual-monitor menu issues, and switching tools no longer affects what area of the image displays (current view remains consistent).
– Crop tool: Clear crop command on Tool Options palette now works when floating toolbar is off.
– Default workspace: Resolved issue related to saving default workspace.
– Guided Tour: Updated to reflect 2020 functionality.
– PSD: Stability issues addressed for .PSD file saving.
– SmartClone: SmartClone library no longer displays deleted images.
– SmartClone: Resolved positioning issue that occured when working with a freehand smartclone source along the edge of images.
– Creative Content installation issues addressed.
– *.pspimage format issues resolved when working with different color depths.
– Lens Correction message mismatch corrected.
– Script toolbar: Stop button issue resolved.
– Sony ILCE-6300 camera profile: Enhanced EXIF information visibility.
– Refine Brush: History palette improvements.



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