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PDF Mixer Portable is a powerful PDF page editor tool which allows you to mix PDF pages of multiple PDFs, add PDF pages from one PDF into another existing PDF file, or import pages from WORD, Excel, PowerPoint to a PDF and save them to a new PDF file.

Unlike regular PDF merger and reorder tools, PDF Mixer is a creative PDF page organizer freeware utility which enables users to mix PDF pages of 2 or more PDF files, add PDF pages into existing PDF files and save them to a new file. With this powerful tool, you can reorder, copy, rotate, delete, switch and merge PDF pages in multiple PDF files easily.

Besides, PDF Mixer also enables you to insert blank pages and images, scan new pages from the scanner, and import pages from MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and text files into a PDF file.

Mix and Organize PDF Pages

We create and manage a lot of PDF documents in our daily work time. You may find yourself frequently having to organize and adjust some PDF pages, or add pages from one PDF file to another. PDF Mixer can help you mix multiple PDF files, select pages from PDF documents and insert to an existing PDF file. You can open 2 or more PDF files and add their pages into the page list, reorder them and then save to a new PDF file. PDF Mixer has several page sequence adjustment functions such as page dragging, multi-pages moving up and down, 2-page switching, orientation rotating and so on.

Import WORD, Excel & PowerPoint Files into PDF

Mixing pages of PDF format only may not be enough for people who work with several document formats every day. Besides PDF format, PDF Mixer also provides a few document import buttons to import pages from MS WORD documents, Excel Workbooks, PowerPoint Slides and more open document formats. Simply hit the corresponding button and choose a file, and the program will add all pages from the file into the page list immediately. Then, you can organize all pages of different file formats in the list and save to a PDF file.

Add Blank Pages, Copy Pages and Insert Images

Creating blank pages is a useful function when you need some blank pages behind some content pages. You can use PDF Mixer to add blank pages as many as you want. You can also duplicate PDF pages by clicking on the Make a Copy button. When you want to insert an image as a new PDF page, you can click on the Import an Image button to select a graphic file and import. It supports to import multi-page TIFF/TIF image file and convert each TIFF page to PDF page automatically. If you’d like to import pages from a scanner, you can hit the Import from the Scanner button to start the scanning task.

Convert Other Formats to PDF

If you don’t have PDF files to organize and just need to create PDF files from other formats, that won’t be a problem. PDF Mixer allows you to import from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT and Rich Text formats even you have not opened a PDF file. After importing you will find the pages have been converted well from those formats. 3 Steps: Run PDF Mixer, import a file, then save to a PDF. Done! So easy!

Minimalist, straightforward looks
The main window is in fact the only available window, meaning all the features and functions are grouped together and you can easily locate them.

You can start by selecting the source document, using drag and drop operations or manual navigation. Also, changing the order of the pages can be done just as quickly, using only your mouse, as long as you activate the Drag mode.

A very handy feature of PDF Mixer is that you can preview each selected page, so as to ensure the generated page order is indeed the one you were interested in.

Insert extra pages
Additionally, you can enhance your PDF files by inserting various Office contents, namely Word, Excel or PowerPoint files.

Alternatively, you can add text files and documents from your scanner, as well as images – multiple formats are supported, such as BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF or PSD.

You also get the possibility to insert blank pages or to rotate any chosen page to the orientation you prefer (0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees).

Password-protect the output PDF
Once you are satisfied with the processed file, you can protect it by disabling printing or copying permissions. You can even assign it a password so that only authorized users can access it, and you can even choose the owner password.

To wrap it up, PDF Mixer can be used by both novices and experts whenever they want to effortlessly re-arrange the pages in their PDF files, while also getting to add additional pages.


Download PDF Mixer Portable

Download – 44.7 MB

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