Portable Praat 6.0.30 (x64)




Praat portable is a carefully created software solution aimed at those who want to analyze, synthesize and manipulate speech. Moreover, with this tool you can generate high quality images which you can export and insert into scientific papers or personal studies. The application doesn’t rely on looks to do its job and you should be aware of this before you dive into it. It’s comprised of two main windows, one that allows you to manage the project itself and the other which houses the image you create after processing the audio.

Speech analysis

To create a short list of what this implies, Praat enables you to perform spectral, pitch, formant and intensity analysis, as well as study jitter, shimmer and voice breaks. Praat is designed for those who are at least familiar with how a soundwave looks and how it can be processed, although, if this is not the case, the application supplies rich and elaborate documentation which you can study.

A spectrogram that is associated with a loaded audio file is displayed in an editor and it’s from there that you can access the tools needed to perform the aforementioned analysis types. Though the interface design is rudimentary, Praat gains in the fact that it is purpose orientated, meaning that a feature is not made to look good but function properly and deliver accurate results.

Convert audio files

Since Praat works solely with audio files, it’s appropriate that it offers you the means to convert files into different formats or enhance certain characteristics that they have. With it, it’s possible to export a loaded audio file into WAV, AIFF, AIFC, NIST or FLAC format, as well as to a raw 16, 24 or 32-bit raw endian file.

Apart from this, you can also convert a track to mono or stereo, extract all its channels or a single one and resample it with a different frequency.

A powerful audio processing tool

With the above to consider and much more to discover about Praat, it’s safe to say that if you’re familiar with the technical implications of speech analysis and want to study it in depth then it is a more than capable tool.


Speech analysis:
• spectral analysis (spectrograms)
• pitch analysis
• formant analysis
• intensity analysis
• jitter, shimmer, voice breaks
• cochleagram
• excitation pattern

Speech synthesis:
• from pitch, formant, and intensity
• articulatory synthesis

Listening experiments:
• identification and discrimination tests

Labelling and segmentation:
• label intervals and time points on multiple tiers
• use phonetic alphabet
• use sound files up to 2 gigabytes (3 hours)

Speech manipulation:
• change pitch and duration contours
• filtering

Learning algorithms:
• feedforward neural networks
• discrete and stochastic Optimality Theory

• multidimensional scaling
• principal component analysis
• discriminant analysis

• high quality for your articles and thesis
• produce Encapsulated PostScript files
• integrated mathematical and phonetic symbols

• easy programmable scripting language
• communicate with other programs
• (the sendpraat source code)
• create hypertext manuals with sound I/O