Portable Canvas X Pro v20.0.544 (x64)



Canvas X Portable is the only technical illustration software you need. An intuitive 2D and 3D application that handles visual technical content creation from start to finish, X Pro gives you the power to visually communicate complex data with clarity and precision.

When it comes to processing text, there are little other tools that get the job done better than a computer. This is thanks to the diversity of specialized applications such as Canvas X that give you the possibility to create documents and include various objects in order to obtain a result that can be used for multiple purposes, be them presentations, projects or entertainment.

Support for a large variety of formats

You might want to take some time and get to know the application, both because it can be used for a breathtaking amount of purposes and due to the amount of tools it comes equipped with. However, it manages to keep all of its features in a highly-intuitive interface that shouldn’t pose any accommodation problems whatsoever.

One of the main advantages is that it can import and export, in other word process a large variety of file formats. Ranging from commonly used image files to DOC, PDF, and even specialized formats such as AI, CDR or DWG, the application assures you that it can be put to good use once installed on your system.

Well-organized interface

To give you an overview, the main window prompts you with a few document types you can create, but you still have access to all tools, regardless of your choice. An abundant palette of creation and editing tools floats around your workspace so you can keep it at hand, while a side panel structured in tabs provides quick access to created objects and the ones you can place on the canvas.

Thorough text creation and editing tools

On the one hand, the application can simply be used for text processing. With its enhanced support for modern text file formats, as well as PDF documents, compatibility is by far something to worry about. What’s more, there’s an integrated spell check utility that makes sure you reduce mistakes to a minimum, while the possibility to fully customize font, style, shape, size and color lets you create documents that meet any demand.

Rich library of common and specialized objects

On the other hand, you might be tempted to also experiment with at least a few image processing and editing tools you can use. There’s a rich library of preset objects that can easily be inserted by dragging them over the workspace. These are cleverly stored in categories, ranging from arrows and backgrounds, to various electrical components or chemical structures.

What’s more, each object can be decomposed into lines and shapes to fully customize its appearance. The application also supports external files you can easily drop over the main window. Accuracy is a key element, with a ruler enabled by default and guidelines that can be added over the canvas in order to snap objects to it.

In conclusion

To sum it up, Canvas is a powerful workstation that piles up a staggering amount of image and text editing tools, putting them all at your disposal so you can use them as you see fit. With support for various commonly used and diverse formats, you are given full control over what the project looks like and where it is used later on. Although packed with more features you can count, it’s incredibly easy to use by anyone.

Technical illustration software that increases productivity
Working with a single, built for purpose technical illustration software to create visual technical content helps technical authors, illustrators, and visual communicators work faster and more efficiently. Canvas X Pro does the work of numerous other applications combined by blending professional graphics tools with rich technical illustration capabilities. Enjoy easy to use 2D drawing, 3D CAD visualization, text flow, raster image handling, and vector graphics. Leverage intuitive one-click smart annotations, automatic measurements, and industrial accuracy.

Instant call outs
Create smart automated callouts with just a click of the mouse.

Annotation lens
Focus your audience on precisely what they need to see in an instant.

Smart measurements
Intelligent measurement tools allow you to visualize dimensions fast.

Integrated 2D and 3D illustration in one application
Canvas X Pro unites the power of 3D visualization with the most versatile technical graphics and illustration software on the market. It gives you the ability to create data-rich 2D visual documentation that features precise views of 3D models and assemblies.

Because you can work directly with 3D CAD data from all leading 3D CAD packages, Canvas X Pro gives you complete control over the visualization of your 3D CAD models. Explode and rotate models, ghost parts, and interact directly with metadata to create bill of materials tables and create instant annotations. X Pro can import and manipulate files created in Solidworks, PTC Creo, Rhino, Catia, Parasolid, Siemens NX, Autodesk, AutoCAD and more.

Key Features:

Vector AND raster images
A uniquely integrated technical illustration software package, Canvas X Pro makes it possible to handle both vector graphics and raster images with the same powerful enhancement tools. You can apply a host of market-leading effects to both images and graphics in a single document.

Work to key standards
Create dimension objects that fully conform to existing industry and government standards, including: IEEE floating point standard, ANSI U.S. Product and industry standards, DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung/German Institute for Standardization) internationally adopted standards, and JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) standards.

Data-driven drawing
As well as delivering 0.035 micron accuracy for an engineering and scientific user base, Canvas X PRo offers complete control over vector object coordinates. Create illustrations from geometric data, use grids and guides to position objects, and adjust objects’ numerical position for absolute precision.

Unbeatable precision
With linear, chain, and baseline dimensioning tools, Canvas X Pro makes it easy to pinpoint horizontal, vertical, oblique, and perpendicular distances. Display size information as you draw, measure diameter, radius, angle, area, and perimeter, add dimension objects to illustrations, mark the center of arcs and ovals, and enjoy precise control over scale drawings.

Smart and simple annotation
Add clarity to illustrations by using the annotation tools to add labels, callouts, or comments to your diagrams or illustrations, or to create simple flowcharts. If you re-position the annotation label object, the Canvas SmartLines connecting it to the illustration move right along with it.

Comprehensive text tools
Canvas X Pro includes sophisticated word processing and document layout capabilities which enable you to create and publish entire documents within a single application. Control all aspects of formatting, create and save styles, apply effects to type, wrap text inside objects, repel text from objects, bind text to object paths, and enjoy a full range of text proofing and annotation tools.




Download Canvas X Portable

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Mirror – 492.2 MB

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