Portable CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 12.6.3018.0 (x64) Multilanguage



Get to the heart of creative photo editing, fast. With powerful AI tools, eye-catching visual effects, advanced color controls and intuitive layer editing, you can create breathtaking compositions and artistic masterpieces in a snap. Immersing yourself into fine-art has never been so easy.

Photo editing is a plus for those that really consider to be photographers. Not only does it help correct some errors that might appear to be unnoticeable before a picture is taken, but also add some finishing touches, and emphasize certain aspects that the end viewer should firstly see. Amongst various application with which this can be achieved, counts CyberLink PhotoDirector.

CyberLink is famous for cramming a huge number of features into a fun, easy-to-use interface. There’s a lot to account for, but the logical layout divides the interface into six distinct categories: Library, Adjustment, Guided, Edit, Create, and Print.

Library is for image organization, including face recognition. Adjustment is where Raw files are processed alongside other popular formats. The Guided section is where you’ll find Guided Edits, which walks users through complex effects step-by-step. The Edit section is for standard image editing with the familiar Layers, Tools, and Layer Masks, while the Create section facilitates slideshows, animated GIFs, and Motion Stills which are two or more similar images used to create an animated effect.

Most people will spend the bulk of their time in the Adjustment, Guided, or Edit tabs. The Adjustment tab gives you most of the edits you would expect with both manual and preset adjustments for white balance, tone, detail, and more for regional and global adjustments. In the Adjustment mode, you can view Before and After variations on a split screen in various magnifications.

PhotoDirector’s People Beautifier module gives you multiple opportunities to make people in your photos look their best, including slimming faces, removing shine, and brightening eyes and smiles.

The techniques are simple and effective as you brush on effects and adjust their intensity. Subjects still look like themselves, but without distracting skin imperfections and perhaps fewer wrinkles and under-eye shadows. Sliders make it easy to have your subject look as natural or as plastic as you’d like, so good judgment is critical.

CyberLink’s stated specialty is making your photos look more like art. For that, there are new features including Glitch Art, which lets you apply a multi-colored glitch effect, a Dispersion Effect where parts of an image dramatically disintegrate, and Person Segmentation, which lets you remove human subjects from their backgrounds, replace backgrounds, or apply special effects to either. One-click Style Effects and a Light Rays Effect let you add a burst of sunlight to images.

Artificial intelligence, which is starting to dominate popular pro and hobbyist level image editing programs like Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, makes an appearance in PhotoDirector as well. A DeBlur tool that subtly clarifies your photos, as well as popular style transfer techniques that make pictures look like paintings, are consistently quick to process. These brush and slider based tools are easy to use and infinitely customizable with instant results.

Guided mode’s Glitch Effect features a colorful, adjustable double exposure that you can shift vertically and horizontally and adjust the fade or transparency. As with other Guided effects, you can automatically exclude the treatment from a subject or apply it only to the subject.

While PhotoDirector Portable is marketed to consumers, there is a wide prosumer appeal in the program as well. For instance, the app’s manual adjustments can identify the precise interchangeable lens you used to shoot an image and it can process numerous camera raw formats.

No program can cover every single format, so if this is important to you, make sure the app is compatible with the camera you are using.

PhotoDirector’s Edit mode uses non-destructive layers, much like we’re used to with Photoshop and other pro-level image editors. You can create empty layers, edit with layer masks, group layers, add adjustment layers, and create clipping masks.

PhotoDirector Portable offers 27 blending modes, which offers a lot of creative options. One significant use is to apply text to images with the program’s detailed text controls, which let you adjust font, size, kerning, shadow, and border effects —  including bevel and emboss.

Inspiring visuals to charm your eyes

The application’s designers effort is really noticeable once you run it. Everything fluently moves around at your mouse click, and the clever arrangement of menus, and buttons give it a clean look, and make it a pleasant workspace for you to edit photos. Everything you want to work with is located in a tab at the bottom of the main window, whereas to the left you have all the necessary tools, making the center, your own virtual canvas.

A large pallet of options

CyberLink PhotoDirector Portable puts at your disposal a breathtaking amount of tools for your photos to come out as clean and polished as you can possibly make them. From the basic color modifying sliders, to the more advanced, but easy to master options found in a tab, cleverly named “People Beautifier”.

In addition, you are also able to put together a movie using pictures. Chose from a preset pack of transition effects, and add music to your slide show to make it just right. Above everything, you can add text in your slideshow, just in case you want viewers to know something in particular about a given photo.

As if that was not enough, after all your editing is done, you may chose to upload your masterpiece on several social networks for faster spreading, and wait for a positive feedback.

In conclusion

CyberLink PhotoDirector offers a professional approach on photo editing. With its visually appealing interface, and the amount of tools you can use to enhance your photos, this application is a worthy companion not only for experienced users. Take your camera into the field, and start shooting everything, because you will surely make use of any photo once processed with this tools.

AI Person Segmentation
Let AI mask the outline of objects in your images to quickly achieve flawless selections.

AI Style Effects
Our powerful AI engine applies brushstrokes intelligently to instantly transform pictures into masterworks.

An Essential Companion For Video Editors & YouTube Content Creators
Built by the creators of the PowerDirector video editing suite, a photo editor that closes the gap between the still image and video.

Express Layer Templates
Take the complexity out of complex image editing. Create fine-art in a snap with Express Layer Templates

LUTs Color Presets
Achieve incredible color and consistency of style with LUTs color palette packs.

Pro Level Effects
Polish your projects with frame packs, AI Style packs, gorgeous fonts and incredible clip art.

Expansive Audio Library
Realize your vision with an ever-growing collection of stock images, and professionally-composed music tracks.

Extraordinary Tools, Extraordinarily Easy to Use
Get true-to-life image retouching and go beyond. With PhotoDirector’s incredible range of fully guided editing tools, you can polish your images to perfection and create stunning surreal works of art.

Distort reality with Glitch art. (NEW!)
Discover hidden beauty in your images by splitting and combining color layers with the Glitch Art effect.

Break from the norm with the Dispersion Effect. (NEW!)
Distort, rearrange, or disintegrate every particle of your image.

Bring your photos to life. (NEW!)
A picture says a thousand words. Animate them and say a thousand more.

Enrich pictures with incredible Light Rays. (NEW!)
Render the perfect night scene with light rays. Create illuminated cityscapes and soften shots rich with natural sunlight.

Play with color. Manipulate objects. Twist reality.
Get playful with the size and color of objects in your images – or remove them completely. Select, transform, distort, duplicate, remove – the sky’s the limit and you’re in control.

Total Image Transformations, Layer by Layer
Craft and compile the finest details of your image with powerful, precise, and intuitive layer-editing tools.

Create seamless blends.
Dive into the rich world of creative blending. Produce compositions of unmatched variety with our huge range of distinctive blending modes.

Mask people perfectly with AI. (NEW!)
Precisely mask the outline of people in your images. Quickly achieve flawless silhouettes of objects, or remove objects seamlessly, leaving backgrounds untouched.

Rewind to the perfect edit. (NEW!)
Create without fear of mistakes. Quickly switch between any layer edit you’ve ever made to find the perfect look.

Create Art, Intelligently
Leave it to AI to fix the routine tasks and imperfections. Spend less time worrying about imperfections and more time crafting the perfect photo.

The power to fix blurry shots.
Blurry images are a thing of the past with intelligent deblur. Perfect for fixing up photos of fast-paced sports, children, or pets, or shots taken on the move.

Crystal clear images. Every time.
Remove haze, fog and smog to reveal crisp, clear landscapes with the intuitive Dehaze slider. Use Defringe to keep photos razor-sharp.

Transform images with AI Styles.
We’ve trained our AI Style Engine to analyze images in detail and identify different aspects of each shot. The engine intelligently applies brushstrokes that make your pictures look like they were designed and painted by a master artist.

Photo Management with Facial Recognition.
Painlessly manage large photo collections with our AI facial recognition solution, powered by CyberLink’s FaceMe™ engine. Tag a face in one photo, and it will be automatically detected & tagged in all existing and future shots.


Download CyberLink PhotoDirector Portable

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