Portable Natron 2.3.15 (x64)




Dedicated to all artists and designers, Natron portable provides an open-source alternative to other complex image processing applications that can perform digital compositing. With its help, you can combine graphical elements from various sources and integrate them into a single scene.

On the surface Natron has a powerful GUI interface that is a flexible and intuitive multi-platform node based engine. Natron may seem to be a simple compositing application but it does have layers of complexity that will allow your creativity to reach new heights. Natron has flexible Roto and Rotopaint tool-set that can generate unlimited layers of masks, mattes and shapes.

Natron Portable has a powerful 2D and Planar tracker to help reduce hours of rotoscoping to meet personal or client deadlines. It has some strong keying or matte generation tools that has been developed from the main OFX software developers and a plethora of tools from the open source plugin developing community.

Variate input support and plugin use

While it might take you a while to get accustomed with it, Natron features an intuitive interface displays all options within reach. The Node Graph enables you to get a glimpse at all the opened viewers and assign them images and the preview pane displays the output in real time.

Natron is compatible with various graphic formats, enabling you to work with files such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, DPX, EXR, YUV, VQL, VSM and many more. Its functionality can be extended through the use of OpenFX plugins, that is, if the default toolkit does not satisfy you.

Robust rendering engine and editing toolset

The application comes with a plethora of editing options that, used wisely, can help you obtain the desired result. With a multi-threaded rendering engine and multi-tasking capabilities, Natron can display results as you make changes to the design.

It features colorspace management functions (saturation, contrast, gamma, offset, shadows, midtones, highlights adjustments), image resizing, cropping and transforming tools, dainterlacing and noise reduction and a series of filters that enable you to enhance your pictures. Furthermore, the built-in curve editor helps you deal with keyframes and animate visual effects.

Next-level digital compositing

Relying on a powerful multi-threaded rendering engine, Natron can help you mix image sections together so as to make them look as if they were part of the same scene. Its rich editing options and the powerful internal renderer, combined with digital compositing know-how allow one to deliver impressive results.

What’s NEW:

  • Inputs of the selected nodes are now always visible.
  • Avoid crash and issues when NatronEngine.Effect.destroy() is called.
  • Fix callbacks in PyPanel and PyModalDialog.
  • Fix recursive Python calls and handle the Python GIL properly.
  • Fix loading of Python Toolsets, and document how Toolsets are detected.
  • Fix using Rotopaint with multiple layers.
  • Fix loading project settings.
  • Fix property panels of PyPlug nodes.
  • Fix missing python API entry points.
  • Make “Use Host Interact” setting available from user parameters.
  • Fix deadlock when creating a dialog from initGui.py.




Download Natron Portable

Download – 138.9 MB
Mirror – 138.9 MB

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