Portable Privacy Reviver Premium 3.9.8 Multilanguage




Privacy Reviver Portable will scan your PC and identify any personal information or activities that are at the risk of being exposed to hackers and scammers. Privacy Reviver can safely remove all these traces and keep your information private and secured in minutes.

Learn how to protect your privacy using Privacy Reviver

Privacy Reviver is designed to find and remove your digital footprint online. This includes your browsing history, file usage, payment details, contacts, chat records and more.

It can either clean all the information found or just specific information you choose to remove, and also enables you to add intentionally false information within the history files.

To get started:

  • Launch Privacy Reviver, select the areas of scan you want to perform and click on the Scan Now button to initiate scanning process
  • During the scanning process you will notice your PC is being analyzed. At any time, you can choose to abort the scanning process by clicking the Stop Scan button.
  • Once the scan is complete, you will be able to review and Clean (remove) all the items found.


Protect your personal privacy and browsing history online.
– Protect yourself from Internet fraud
– Erase traces of your online activities
– Safeguard your personal information

Maximum Privacy
Privacy Reviver Portable will scan your computer for potential privacy issues and help fix them before they cause any harm. It protects against identity theft by revealing sensitive information like phone numbers, emails, physical addresses and credit card details stored on your computer. You can remove them in a few easy clicks and stay protected against hackers, scammers and fraudsters.

Stay Protected
Count on Privacy Reviver to perform a deep scan of your Internet browsers and protect your browsing experience. It will remove undesirable browser cookies, let you selectively delete website history and remove stored usernames and passwords. You can cover your tracks easily and protect yourself from aggressive advertisers as well as malicious hackers.

Complete Control
You can set Privacy Reviver to run at startup or at a convenient date and time, ensuring you have timely protection when you need it. Choose the different areas of your PC that you need scanned and secured at any given time. You can setup the perfect privacy protection plan for Privacy Reviver Portable and let it protect your digital footprint on the Internet.




Download Privacy Reviver Portable

Download – 18.5 MB
Mirror – 18.5 MB

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