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Usually, reducing the size of scanned documents can have a relatively severe effect on the image quality, especially when dealing with extreme shrinkage.
This is where specialized applications such as RiDoc Portable come into play. In just a few words, RiDoc is a streamlined and lightweight piece of software designed from the ground up to make it as easy as possible for you to work with your scanner and also to ensure that any scan can fit an A4 page format.

Easy to deploy and, thanks to its user-friendly UI, easy to work with as well
Thanks to a streamlined installer, deploying this utility on your computer’s system is by no means a challenge. Subsequently, upon first launching the application, you are greeted by the app’s intuitive and rather non-pretentious user interface.

The main UI element that stands out is the top toolbar, which provides you with quick access to all the app’s main controls and features. Evidently, you should firstly choose an installed scanner.

Fit scans to A4 page format and save them to some of the most useful graphic formats
This said, working with RiDoc Portable involves you having to open and scan documents, using the ‘Assembly’ or built-in OCR engine and then saving or printing the documents.

This is the best time to note that the application is capable of saving your scans to various formats such as BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and even PDF.

In addition, the application enables you to make use of a set of pattern watermarks that can be overlayed on the scanned images, quite handy for ensuring a higher degree of protection. For your convenience, RiDoc provides you with the possibility to email scanned documents directly from its main window.

A4 document scanning made a whole lot easier by RiDoc
Last but not least, the utility comes with support for the following languages: English, Deutsch, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Armenian, and Turkish.

Advantage of Ridoc Portable:
Scans images, documents and fit to A4 page format of small sizes of scanned images (button “Assembly” ).
Overlay watermarks on scanned images.
Scanner program for daily use.

RiDoc as Scanning Software:
Getting the electronic version of the document from a scanner.
Batch scanning.
Saving the document in different graphic format (bmp, jpeg, png).
Scanning document into TIFF (multipage mode).
Ridoc – scanning document into Word.
Ridoc – scanning document into PDF.
Scanning document into printer, email.
Virtual printer: PDF, DOC, XLS – into tiff, bmp, png

RiDoc as Document management software:
Quickly and easily saves scanned documents on your computer with the help of technology “QuickFolder”.
Creating a gallery of scanned documents and images.
Single mechanism to manage both electronic documents.


Download RiDoc Portable

Uploadrar – 31.4 MB
Hexupload – 31.4 MB

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