Portable Franzis SHARPEN projects #4 professional 4.37.03697 (x64)



SHARPEN projects # 4 Portable is the software for powerful and professional resharpening to save blurred or even blurred images, remove sensor errors and highlight individual details. For a razor-sharp picture, just the way you want it. With new functions and improvements, you can edit your photos even faster and more successfully.

All functions, all tools, all features
Take some time. We explain why SHARPEN projects 4 professional is so unique among all “sharpening tools”. With the new “Multi-Directional Sharpness” process, you can effectively eliminate blurring in 3 stages that was created by camera shake and was very difficult to clean up with conventional methods.

Take targeted action against blurring.
Protect selected areas with the additional area protection masks. You have full control over the sharpening process!

Only in the professional version:
– PRO: uncertainty function PSF including comparison display
– PRO: Collection of 33 presets
– PRO: RAW development module
– PRO: 45 sharpness presets

SHARPEN projects 4 professional shows what is technically possible. Ideal for professionals and ambitious amateur photographers! With the automatic sharpening function and the 45 diverse presets, you will get an almost perfect result in no time at all. A suitable automatic setting is offered for every situation and every motif. However, there are also a number of manual editing options. In addition to the 4 sharpness quality modes, you can set the correction intensity and the degree of noise reduction as you wish and also adjust the grain size individually. For the best result with the best conditions.

Optimal user interface
With thoroughly accelerated and optimized functions and an interface tailored to user-friendliness, image editing is fun. Get the most out of your pictures. In addition, the optimization of your recordings with the included and, in the new version, extended presets is child’s play and lightning-fast and therefore ideally suited for those in a hurry or beginners.

Intelligent protection of picture elements
The software now offers 46 different and intelligent masking functions to protect image elements that should not be sharpened (or sharpened to a lesser extent). You can protect very precise sky or skin tones as well as smooth areas or the center of the image without pixel-perfect work. These are the best conditions for sharp and natural photos that add the finishing touches to your most beautiful memories.

Flexible blur modes
Choose exactly the right degree of sharpness for your image from 4 different blur reduction modes – from “Balanced” and “Pro” to “Pro +” and “Pro Infinity”. In order to support them even more, it is now possible for the first time with the new multi-directional sharpness technology to reduce blurring in different directions within an image, as is often the case with branches moving in the wind, for example.

New Features:
– NEW! Multi-directional sharpness in 4 levels
– NEW! Real-time color module in 10 levels for individual color processing
– NEW! Virtual micro details in 8 categories
– NEW! Focus peaking for displaying focused areas
– NEW! Oversampling modes in 5 levels
– NEW! New functions in selective drawing: Smart mode, new gradient area, composing with 4 additional layers
– NEW! Virtual detail module
– NEW! 6 new presets
– NEW! 7 additional methods for level allocation in selective drawing
– NEW! Grain module: Additional color spaces HSV / HSL

TOP feature
With the new focus peaking display, you can display the currently focused areas highlighted in blue and thus see exactly which area still needs sharpness.

Small things, big impact
With the new version, there are also minor innovations that make working more intuitive and efficient, in order to get the best out of your work. For example, the speed of the calculation processes and corrections has been significantly accelerated and you can now also set the brush size using shortcuts.

SHARPEN projects # 4 professional
Now even more functions for optimal post-processing of your pictures. Take action against camera shake and blurring. For razor-sharp shots!

– NEW! Multi-directional sharpness in 3 levels
– NEW! Real-time color module in 10 levels for individual color processing
– NEW! Virtual micro details in 8 categories
– NEW! Focus peaking for displaying focused areas
– NEW! Virtual detail module
– Number of presets: 33
– Number of quality modes: 4
– Plug-ins for Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop & Photoshop Elements, RAW module with selectable camera profiles
– Integrated batch processing
– Modes for generating a series of exposures: 5x4x2
– Image sharpness categories: 7
– Haze and fog correction


Download Franzis SHARPEN projects

Download – 44.2 MB

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