Portable Synthetik Studio Artist 5.0




Studio Artist Portable is the first and only software program that can automatically paint, draw and auto-rotoscope. Studio Artist examines a source image or video and then re-renders from scratch in the style you choose either automatically or interactively with just Two Easy Steps. Pick an Auotmatic Paint preset and press action or pick an Assisted Paint preset and let Studio Artist help guide your drawing. You can also manually paint or draw with Studio Artist.

There is nothing on the market like Studio Artist. Based on continuing Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence Research, Studio Artist has an embedded model of the human visual cortex and knows how to automatically paint and draw. But that’s not all Studio Artist can also Auto Rotoscope turning video into moving art and animation automatically.

Automatically turn photos into paintings. Studio Artist uses artificial intelligence to automatically paint, draw and rotoscope. Studio Artist examines a source image or video and then re-renders from scratch in the style you choose either automatically or interactively with just Two Easy Steps: Pick a Preset and Press Action Create photos to oil paintings, watercolors, abstract paintings, sketches and more.

Studio Artist can paint (rotoscope) video frame-by-frame automatically. Design a series of paint and image processing operations on one frame and then let Studio Artist generate a hand-painted and/or image processed video sequence automatically.

Completely resolution independent. Use a low-res source video and output a rotoscoped version to any resolution even larger than 4K!

The Photo Mosaic processes in Studio Artist go way beyond conventional grid-based photo mosaic effects.

Studio Artist can intelligently create a photo mosaic of any source image with adaptive regionalization. This includes curves and other shapes plus re-colorized sub-images on the fly for a more realistic render of the source image, or techniques that can render a painterly or abstracted effect.

The Vectorizer automatically converts a raster image (like a photo or video) into resolution independent vector art. Go mild to wild! Sketch Effects, Natural Media Paints, Flat Comic Style, Line Screens, Abstract and much more.

Adjustable settings let you tweak an existing preset effect or build a new one from scratch. The Paint Synthesizer can also be configured to produce a wide range of vector paint styles. Output vector effects as EPS or SVG vector files for resolution independent printing.

New in Studio Artist 5 is Vector Paints. Vector Paints not only simulate natural media paints from oils to chalks but also create completely new vector paint looks previously not possible. Vector Paints can be found in the Paint Synthesizer as well as in the Vectorizer. They can be applied automatically or manually.

There are several settings that can be tweaked to create awesome looks. All of these paints are resolution independent so you can output large-scale images using SVG or EPS.

Sketch Effects – Colorizing – Line Screens – Flat and Cartoon – Artistic and Painterly – Smart Contrast – Smart Blur – Glows – Lens Efx – Color – Dodge and Burn – B&W – Smart Sharpen and More

Studio Artist has a full range of image processing filters and unique visual effects. These include intelligent filters that are able to analyze a source image and adaptively apply the effect. There are unique sketch effects that can also generate Bezier paths which can then be used to create automatic sketch drawings with the paint synthesizer.

Not Just A Filter Studio Artist Knows How to Paint and Draw

  • Automatic – Assisted – Manual
  • Painting and Drawing
  • Automatic Video to Animation Rotoscoping
  • Photos to Instant Vector Art
  • Automatic Photo Mosaics
  • AI Generated Abstract Art and Generative Art
  • …All that and a whole lot more

Automatic – Assisted – Manual Painting and Drawing

  • Studio Artist’s intelligent painting software can turn your photos into paintings or your videos into moving art automatically or…
  • You can use the Assisted Drawing Tools to help guide your manual drawing or…
  • You can manually paint and draw using the extensive painting and drawing tools included with Studio Artist.
  • Edit and tweak to your heart’s delight with Studio Artist’s Extensive Editing Tools.

The Vectorizer – Photos or Video to Automatic Vector Art

Turn your Photos or Video into Instant Vector Art using the 1000’s of included curated Presets.  Edit any Preset to tweak your results with Studio Artist’s flexible vectorizer editor.

Automatic Photo Mosaics

Go way beyond the grid to create truly one-of-a -kind Photo Mosaics.  Load a folder of your images and automatically output a photo mosaic from your images.  Colorize to match your source photo colors or match to palette of colors of your choosing.  Incredibly flexible and powerful.

Image Effects Photographic Suite – The Equivalent of over 50 Plugins

Studio Artist has an extensive Image Effects suite with 100’s of curated Presets with an extensive editor for each type of effect.


Automatic Moving Art – Auto-Rotoscoping and Video Effects

Studio Artist can paint and draw frame-by-frame from scratch (automatic rotoscoping).  Use our curated editable scripts or create your own.  Blend painting and drawing presets with video effects, vector effects and ghosting effects to create your own unique moving art automatically.

Instant Generative and Abstract Art

Do you love Abstract Art or Video?  Studio Artist is a natural at assisting your abstract and procedural art creations.  Use Studio Artist as an inspirational jumping off point and see where it can lead you.

1000’s of Custom Presets

Studio Artist comes loaded with 1000’s of custom-programmed [and fully editable] presets.

Every Style Plus Endless New Possibilities

  • Unlimited Automatic, Assisted and Manual Painting and Drawing, Vector Art, Image Processing Styles, Sketch Effects, Generative Art and more.
  • From Natural Media to Abstract and Procedural Art to Automatic Photo Mosaics to one-click Raster to Vector to Endless Sketch Styles and on and on.
  • You can also create your own Presets with our Extensive Editor or let Studio Artist make Presets for you Automatically!


What’s NEW:

  • Now over 600 Editable Parameters
  • Thousands of New Curated Presets
  • Extensive New Vector Paint Features – Natural Media to Wild Vector Paints –  Exclusive to Studio Artist (See Gallery Examples)
  • Configurable Shadow Options for Vector Paint and Region
  • New Path Start Regionizers for Intelligent Mosaic Generation Features
  • New Canvas Textures – Examples are used on this Website
  • Dynamic Brushes – Intelligent Brush Size Modulation Emulates How an Artist Paints.  Brush Size changes based on different regions of the source image.
  • Current Vectorizer Preset Parameters can be embedded in the Paint Synthesizer through Path Start to direct the Synthesizer how to paint.
  • Ip Op effects, that generate vector output, can also be embedded in a Paint Synthesizer Preset for region or path generation through Path Start.
  • New Macro Edit Help Commands
  • Image Folder Brushes
  • Enhanced Intelligent paint brush modulators for more tightly defined paint effects.
  • Enhanced Paint Lighting Options for Creating Realistic Oil Paint Effects
  • More Powerful Brush Load Parameters (what gets put on the Brush) and Paint Fill capabilities (how the canvas interacts with the brush)
  • Lots of new Sketch effects like Space Filling Curve, Traveling Salesman, Hedcut, Scribble, Line Screens and more.
  • Improved muilti-pen and Interactive Region Draw Features
  • Thousands of New Curated Presets
  • Lots of new Sketch Effect parameters.  Hatching, Edge, Line Screens, Pens, Pencils, Shape Fills, Painter, Abstract and more.
  • Many Image effects Now Support Vector Output
  • Vector Image Effects can used to Generate Bezier Paths that can be use by the Paint Synthesizer or Path > Path Layer Commands which is a way to Create Different Drawing Styles Based on Automatically Manipulating Bezier Paths.
  • Hundreds of New Editable Parameters For Existing and New Image Operation Effects
  • New Multi-Octave Gradient Effects – Exclusive to Studio Artist – Great for Enhancing Oil and Raised Effects
  • New Watershed Regionizer Effect Types
  • New Linescreen Effect Types
  • Now over 640 Different MSG Processors to create Automatic Imagery
  • New Shadowing Parameters
  • MSC Vector Effects Can Now Be Output as EPS or SVG
  • More Workspace Configuration Options For Advanced Editor and Evolution Editor
  • Over 800 New Curated Presets
  • Extensive New Shadow Drawing Features – Simple Shadowing to Amazing Painterly Effects
  • New Voronoi Cells and Delaunay Triangulation Region Generation Options – Automatically Regionize Images Into Shapes
  • New Region Fill Options – Gradients, Patterns, Shapes, Hatching, Halftone Screening, Line Screening, Extrusion, Coloring and more
  • New Vector Edge Sketch Options – Lots of new sketch parameters including shadowing and Paint Effects
  • New Image Shape Technique Renders Images with Shapes – Lots of New Shapes and Ways of Organizing them Within the Image
  • Adaptive Auto Masking Options
  • Procedural MSG or Vectorizer Source Options
  • Adjustable Paint Mutation Controls
  • Adjustable Paint Path Options
  • Adjustable Adaptive Color Palette Generation Options
  • User Selectable Process Folder for more Elaborate Start-End Cycle Transformations
  • Image Folder Input Option for Temporal Effects Derived from Multiple Images Rather than Movie Files
  • Randomized Effect Composite Options
  • New Slit Scan and Scan Tracker Effects – Slit scan temporal effects can be used to Expand, Contract, Extract or Remove Motion from a Scene as well as Create Amazing Visual Effects.
  • Gallery Show Now Supports Generating Temporal Operation Effects from a Folder of Images




Download Studio Artist Portable

Download – 919.1 MB
Mirror – 919.1 MB

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