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If you are selling or donating your old hard drives and want to make sure that nobody can recover any private data from them, you might want to look after a file shredder before handing them to their new owners. File shredders mash up a drive’s contents before erasing them, making the recovery process way harder, or even impossible. [email protected] ZDelete is a compact shredder that sports a good number of erasing methods, and it might be worth checking it out.

Straightforward interface

The compact UI provides you with three options that can be used to wipe different types of data (files, folders, drives). A short toolbar is also available, and besides the main actions, it provides access to the settings panel and an activity log.

On the downside, the application does not support the drag and drop feature, which is advertised on the developer’s siteThis feature would have simplified the entire process, especially from a time-saving point of view. However, the lack of a drag and drop function does not impact the file shredding, so it is not a critical issue.

Choose the erase method first

The default erase method is One Pass Zeros, and if you don’t want to use this for all your files, you should take a look at the Settings tab. Two combo menus can be used for method selection, but one targets the files/folders part of the process while the other deals with the hard drives.

As for the available methods, besides the default one, you can opt for US DoD 5220.22-M Canadian OPS-II, Russian GOST p50739-95, etc, — some of which are still in use by governments around the world.

What’s NEW:

  • Product became fully freeware
  • No registration needed to use all erase methods, including DoD 5220.22-M
  • Improved disk wipe procedures for some file systems
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes


Download [email protected] ZDelete Portable Software

Uploadrar – 12.3 MB
Hexupload – 12.3 MB

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