Portable The Bat! Professional Edition 8.9




The Bat! 8 is a popular email client that allows to work with unlimited number of the mailboxes. Furthermore, it has powerful sorting filters, fully customizable message templates, Mail Dispatcher and many more other features. The main task of the program is to secure protection of the correspondence from data theft and monitoring by third parties. The Bat! 8 is able to handle an unlimited number of e-mail accounts and to process and store an unlimited number of messages.

The program offers a system of automatic message filtering, easy system of templates, message editor with the spell checker. And many other useful features. The Bat! protects your information using different methods. It includes the encryption of the message base on the hard drive and e-mail traffic encryption. This email client protects your data through multiple encryption streams. It also ensures your correspondence stays private.

Finally, it protects confidential data by working without Web interfaces and without using global email providers that keep your messages in the cloud.The Bat! is perfect for work or at home. It has no restriction on the number of email accounts or messages you can have, high security and built-in features like automatic filters, templates, a spell-checker and more.

Strong Encryption
Backup and restore
PGP, GnuPG and S/MIME support
The own Address Book
Message Parking
Internal HTML Viewer
Image Download Manager for background retrieval of HTML images
Selective download
Antivirus interface
Safe handling of attached files
64-bit version
Electronic discovery protection
Easily import .mbox and other file formats from a variety of third party email clients.
Sort email messages based on addressee or issue with Sorting Office.
Quick and powerful search features allow for easy retrieval of archived messages.

Productivity Improvement:
Smart Sorting Office
Handy Message Templates
Quick Templates
Address Book features
Address History
Mail Synchronization
Microsoft Exchange Connectivity
Extended Support of National Codepages
Convenient Message Dispatcher
Multilanguage Interface
Image Viewing
Import Wizard
IDN support
RSS feed subscriptions

In order to maintain the high security standards of The Bat!, in this version we have made changes to the way the contents of the “Organization” header field are handled. From now on, if that header contains an “@” sign, parenthesis or an angle bracket, then it will not be displayed beside the sender’s email address on the header pane. This way The Bat! users will not be tricked by disguised senders’ addresses.

In the Message Finder (F7) we added a button to deselect the “Trash” folders across all accounts, so that these folders are omitted when searching through the entire database.

Users of the On-The-Fly-Encryption mode will appreciate the /DECRYPT_FILE_OTFE command line parameter, which allows decrypting a particular file and saving it to disk.

Synchronization of Google Contacts is working again. All it takes to use that handy feature is creating an address book and entering the credentials.

We have also made improvements in many other areas of the program.


X-89TBPE.rar – 34.1 MB