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HelpNDoc Portable is a modern help authoring tool with an intuitive user interface. Write or import your content and generate more than 7 document formats, including help files, web pages, manuals, documents and eBooks.

Creating documentation, such as help files, manuals, or any other similar type of resource, would not be possible without utilities capable of gathering the necessary information and files. put them together in recognizable form.

One of these tools is like HelpNDoc Portable and the purpose for which it was designed becomes clear just by looking at its name.

Create help from a beautiful and well-structured interface

When you run this application, you will be greeted by a user-friendly GUI, which can successfully combine a beautiful interface with a convenient layout.

The ribbon-style menu containing all the functions of HelpNDoc Personal Edition is neatly organized under related tabs to make them easier to access and use.

Most of the workspace is devoted to the content management area, but there’s enough space on the sides to house the table of contents, needed for any help files, as well as two other panels, one for keywords and the other panel is a component library that can be inserted into the project. Project analysis capabilities and advanced tools for complex tasks

If you find it too difficult to build a new project from scratch, you can use one of the templates provided in HelpNDoc Personal Edition. Also, if you want to customize these templates, there is a dedicated module called “Template Editor” that you can effectively use.

The program also supports importing content directly from documents in a variety of formats, including CHM, DOC, HTML, TXT or RTF. If you have a lot of files to add to the project, the import folder feature will do the trick.

Once all text and graphic assets have been added to the project, you can review it using the built-in ‘project analyzer’

A complete utility for creating documents

HelpNDoc Portable is definitely one of the best apps you can find for creating help in various formats. It’s really easy to work with and supports everything from CHM, HTML and PDF to Epub or Kindle types.


Smart and stunning user interface
HelpNDoc’s user interface has been carefully designed to be clear and effective: the various tools are grouped using the popular ribbon design first introduced by Microsoft Office: contextual elements such as picture or table editing operations will only appear when needed thus greatly simplifying the overall experience.

Everything has been integrated
All the necessary tools needed to create great documentations are built right in HelpNDoc: the table of contents editor, WYSIWYG topic editor, keywords editor and library are some of the features provided to ease-up the process of writing amazing documentations and are an integral part of the HelpNDoc environment.

State of the art word processor
HelpNDoc includes a feature-packed word processor which makes you feel instantly at home: all the major strength you’ve come to expect from a modern document authoring application such as Microsoft Word are an integral part of HelpNDoc to make the most visually appealing help and documentation easier to create than ever.

Powerful media library system
All the media elements such as pictures, videos, documents, HTML code snippets and variables are managed by the library: those media elements are reusable as much as needed throughout the documentation project. Need to change one picture ? Just update the library item and it will be propagated to all the topics using it!

Multi-format documentation generation
Whether you need to create a compiled CHM help file, an on-line full HTML documentation, a printable PDF or Word documentation or an eBook, HelpNDoc has you covered: write once and export to multiple formats by the click of a button!

Generate multiple formats
Once you have written your documentation, HelpNDoc can automatically generate Microsoft CHM help files, standard HTML documentation pages, complete Word or PDF document, cross-platform Qt Help or whole eBooks without any extra work from your part: HelpNDoc takes care of everything and produces your documentation, manual or book the way you designed it.

Powerful template system
Every single aspects of the documentation output can be tailored to fit your design requirements. As a testimony of how powerful the template system is, HelpNDoc comes with the full source code for templates to generate an on-line HTML documentation or a specific iPhone designed web-site: everything is controlled by the templates.





Download HelpNDoc Portable

Download – 57.4 MB

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