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Hindenburg Portable PRO is a multitrack audio editor designed for audio producers. You can work anywhere with Hindenburg – in the field, on an airplane, or at the office. This cross-platform audio editor requires no external hardware or state-of-the-art computer.You can record, edit and share your story from anywhere.

In a day you can record at the shores of the Isle of Wight and later sit at a nearby cafe and listen through the interview. On the way back on the train you can edit your audio. As you step in your front door and kick off your shoes, you are ready to publish.

Record voice & interview
Add sound & music
Magic Levels
Skype, FaceTime & Google Hangouts
Organise the material
Edit the audio
Publish the story

Hindenburg records uncompressed sound to give you the best audio quality.
Plug in your studio microphone and begin recording. Mistakes in your Voice Track can be fixed on the fly.
Invite guests in the studio and record them to separate tracks.
During the interview you can set Markers for use in editing later.

Don’t worry about sample rates, bit rates or stereo and mono files. Drag any audio file into Hindenburg and start working. Add as many tracks as you like.
Levels are even automatically set as audio settles on the track.
Hindenburg uses the latest loudness standards for setting levels. This makes it easy for you to set correct levels and save you a lot of time – time that can be spent on telling the story.

Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts
Record “phone” interviews with Hindenburg Journalist PRO. Have yourself and the interviewee on two separate tracks. Afterwards you later edit them together or separately.

Editing your story

Cross platform
Apple & Windows platforms work equally well for Hindenburg. You can even exchange sessions between the two.

Hindenburg has all the editing tools you need. No need to switch between tools or modes.
Cut, copy, paste, replace, insert and other tools give you complete control of your story.
Even difficult edits are made pleasing. Default crossfades remove any clicks in the edit.

How do you set correct levels?
Levels are set automatically in Hindenburg. Anytime you record or import audio, the correct level will be set using the latest metering development: loudness.
Automated levels will save you hours in production and deliver consistent results.
You can always adjust the levels to your liking – and just for that, Hindenburg also comes with built-in loudness meters.
Magic levels can even do more elaborate mixing and assist with; Adaptive levels, Auto Mix Fix, De-Bleed, Auto Duck

Your sound is your brand. Your on-air sound is your reference, but this can be difficult to reproduce from home or the office.
The Voice Profiler is an automated equaliser that can set an EQ for you – based on your ideal sound. No more spending time with complicated filters: one click and the EQ is set.

Noise Reduction
Hindenburg’s Noise Reduction effect is powerful and simple to use. It will automatically identify not only persistent noise, but also hum and hiss, then calculate how best to reduce them.

Publishing your radio segment can be time-consuming.
You need to export in all the right formats and upload them using FTP or some web interface.
Hindenburg Journalist PRO comes with a built-in publishing tool. Set up all your favourite destinations, file formats, and loudness levels, and Hindenburg will create the files and upload them.

Music Report
If you need to report music usage from your show, then you know that it can be a tedious job – finding all the music information and timing the usage in your show.
Now that is a problem of the past with Hindenburg Journalist PRO.


Download Hindenburg Portable

Download – 6.1 MB
Mirror – 6.1 MB

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