Portable NCH DrawPad Pro 8.95




DrawPad Portable is an easy-to-use image composition and manipulation program, and an essential tool for all types of graphic design projects.

There is no shortage of software to allow users to exercise their drawing abilities, and some are even built into Windows. Paint is serviceable in that sense, but it doesn’t take long to want more than what its tool-set offers.

As such, utilizing third-party drawing software is the way to go if one wants to make the most out of their creativity. DrawPad Portable is a prime example, as it was developed to grant users extensive tools to make the most out of their drawing capabilities.

A well-equipped piece of software

It’s not particularly tough to begin using this program to its full capacity: everything is nicely laid out in the interface, with respective sections for each of the overarching functions. To begin, users can start drawing right away on the provided canvas, or they can add their own image and start annotating.

There is no shortage of drawing tools here: brushes of all sorts are freely available. Whether it is a pixel brush, pencil, marker, pen, crayon, or a custom one, there are many ways to put one’s drawing ability to use. If wielding those brushes wasn’t enough, users can utilize the shapes, as well as Bezier Curve functions for more precision in their sketches.

What’s more, making use of the Layers function will allow you to create some intricate works, allowing for multiple drawings to be meshed into one.

Tweaking your images

While this program was primarily designed to facilitate drawing, users can nevertheless insert any image they desire to make some adjustments. Various effects can be introduced, such as drop shadow, bevel/emboss, as well as inner and outer glow. Of course, if one wishes to draw over their image, they can do so with the medley of brushes available.

Pencil and brush tools for drawing, sketching and painting
Ability to edit pencil & brush strokes
Tablet & touchpad pressure sensitivity
Work with both raster and vector images
Image layers allow for non-destructive editing
Layers allow you to easily rearrange elements
Add effects such as bevels and shadows
Fill areas with solid colors, gradients, patterns or textures
Editing features including crop, rotate, resize and flip
Insert shape objects, including circles, rectangles, polygons, stars, word/thought bubbles and more
Insert text and edit the font, size, color and weight
Save graphics as png, bmp, jpg, gif, pdf, or svg files
Choose a design template to get your project started

Supported Input Formats
Scalable Vector Graphics (*.svg)
Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif)
JPEG Image (*.jpg; *.jpeg)
Windows Bitmap Image (*.bmp)
Microsoft Icon (*.ico)
PNG Image (*.png)
Tagged Image File Format (*.tif; *.tiff; )
Most major graphic file formats

Supported Output Formats
PNG Image (*.png)
JPEG Image (.jpg; *.jpeg)
Windows Bitmap Image (*.bmp)
Microsoft Icon (*.ico)
Scalable Vector Graphics (*.svg)
Portable Document Format (*.pdf)
Encapsulated Postscript (*.eps)



Download DrawPad Portable

Download – 6.3 MB

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