Portable MediaChance Dynamic Auto Painter Pro 6.12 (x64)




MediaChance Dynamic Auto Painter Portable is a unique program that allows you to turn your photos into paintings using imitation of the drawing techniques of the most famous artists of the planet. Unlike other similar programs, Dynamic Auto-Painter Portable does not change the photo itself, it simply uses the image as the original, from which it automatically draws a new image using the appropriate brushes and styles. In this case, you can watch the work of the program, as the work of this artist.

Years were spent studying the techniques of famous artists in order to be able to accurately imitate their style of painting, which had never been successfully done in the automatic computer painting program. The new version is a fully mature professional software with a variety of tools and presets for ultra-realistic, complex parts and drawing styles. With the right subject, she is able to produce large, highly detailed paintings that look real and organic, while maintaining the distinctive style of a true artist. You can download the program for a direct link (from the cloud) at the bottom of the page.

The main features of the program Dynamic Auto Painter:

  • Best in class.
  • Automatic: the program draws a picture for you.
  • The style of technology by real artists.
  • The result does not depend on the resolution of the input image.
  • Add an unconventional look to your photos or 3D images.
  • Universal output.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Integrated help.
  • A large number of presets.
  • Runs from Windows Vista to Windows 10.
  • Improved engine with new presets.
  • New preset management with Presets tab and lists Favorites.
  • Vector outlines.
  • Retouching – the ability to retouch the output after drawing is complete.
  • Advanced color settings.
  • Fully editable layers.
  • Using virtual effects Photo-Reactor.

What’s New in Version 6:
• Grade Tab to fine color correct input image
• Inpaint tab to fix and remove objects from the input image
• Equirectangular 360 Panorama support
• Leroy Color Randomizer
• Internal support for Preset Folders
• Art Tone
• U-Paint helper for real-world artists
• Link to Premium templates

Grade Tab
This is a quick way to apply non destructive color correction to input image to achieve certain very specific color tones thatwill be then transferred to final painting.

Inpaint Tab
In older version there used to be “Remove Unwanted Parts” tool that was later removed (the irony!) as it couldn’t keep up with any larger size images. This is an ultimate rework of that idea with much more options.

Support for painting 360 Panoramas (experimental)
With the popularity of various action and 360 cameras such as Ricoh Theta, Samsung Gear etc, we added support to paint the equirectangular panoramas (full 360 degrees) that the cameras produce. The problem is not exactly trivial, we can’t just paint the 360 panoramas as they are because when viewed the brushes will be distorted towards the bottom and top. The Equirectangular images need to be first unwrapped into a “flat” (cubic) projection then paint and after that convert back to original state. This way the brushes when viewed in VR or panorama browser will be equally sized regardless where you look. During painting in 360 mode the software has to respect the borders and do few other tricks to minimize seams.

Art Tone settings in painting template
Art Tone is a continuation of Impressions – but this time they can be specified in the templates. This will restrict the input image within certain palette. An obvious usage would be to create ArtTone from the same painting from which the template was originally created.

LeRoy Color Randomizer (menu Plug-Ins)
This included Plug-in simulates the random colors used in Leroy Neiman paintings.

There are two uses:
• Directly changing input image before the painting (when used from within plug-in menu)
• use in templates where the created Palette preset can be recalled. When using from within templates there is much more control as you can specify how much the effect applies to underpaint and dry reveal. (Example: New preset: Aquarelle Noveau) This way you can create spectacular colored images that still have the right values.

Internal support for Preset Folders
The preset folders can now have Sub Folders. The subfolders are meant to be for your own presets or imported presets.The subfolders only work in the My Document\DAP\objectpack location. When you are saving your own preset or importing presets you can then choose to save them into a folder. Note: You can have your own image for the folder as shown in the presets if you add banner.jpg file with dimensions 204×40 into the subfolder.

Change Canvas
Color and Brush fill from the Painter tab You can quickly change the canvas color or the brush fill directly from the Painter tab.

U-Paint Helper
A tool for aspiring artists using real paints and brushes.

Other Additions
• Layers Clip fixes (tab Layers)
• Save PSD in Layers tab (as in v.4)
• Added new presets
• During painting the manual Forced Auto Brush is now default instead of Auto-Brush as it is probably more useful in most cases
• Added test images in reactor window and/or input image • visual clue for reactor files if they are modified
• Merge function in Template editor to quickly load settings from other templates
• Layers now update better when Outline or Color Adjust are changed


Hexupload – 199.9 MB
Uploadrar – 199.9 MB

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