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Portable Evangelical Heritage Version Study Bible

The Evangelical Heritage Version Study Bible is a comprehensive and powerful tool designed to enhance the study and understanding of the Bible for evangelical Christians. With its wealth of features and resources, this study Bible is a valuable companion for individuals seeking to deepen their knowledge of the Scriptures and grow in their faith.

Portable Teaching-You First Aid Skills

Wherever we are, and whatever we do, accidents and emergencies are a part of our lives. Would you know what to do if you were first on the scene? By knowing how to make essential first aid decisions, you can make sure that you are prepared to act in an emergency. Using simulations of real-life events where your choices and decisions affect the outcome, Teaching-you First Aid Skills helps you to acquire those skills, which we all need to learn, but for which we have never found the time.

Portable Learn to Speak English Deluxe

Whether you're a student, a professional, or an avid traveler, Learn to Speak English Portable is the ultimate software tool that will empower you to master English with unparalleled efficiency and confidence. With its comprehensive features, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendly interface, this software is your gateway to linguistic success.

Portable Macmillan English Dictionary 2nd Edition

The second edition of the Macmillan English Dictionary now contains a wealth of new material, while building on the innovative features that won it two prestigious awards. By identifying in red the most important 7,500 words an advanced learner needs to be able to use, the Macmillan English Dictionary helps give students the confidence and ability to write and speak accurate English.

Portable Spanish Visual Vocabulary Builder 1.2.8

Thanks to our unique learning method, you will soon achieve great results on the path to mastering Spanish. Vocabulary Builder is ideal for anyone wishing to learn some words and phrases for use on holiday, as well as those looking to brush up their language skills. Our unique method combines visual and acoustic training: each of the almost 2,000 words and phrases comes with a memorable illustration and is articulated by our professional speaker.

Portable Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 8th Edition v1.1.2.19

The world's best-selling advanced learner's dictionary, now with Oxford iWriter to help students plan, write and review their written work. The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, or OALD, is recommended by teachers and students because it defines words in language students understand, gives useful example sentences, and includes the help learners need to expand their vocabulary to 7500 words.

Portable Schoolhouse Test Professional

Creating and printing a paper-and-pencil test, quiz, or exam, has never been easier. Schoolhouse Test Portable makes a time-consuming chore a whole lot easier and the result considerably more professional. Some of our customers have even hinted that creating tests with Schoolhouse Test can actually be an enjoyable process.

Portable TheSage 7.36.2708

TheSage's English Dictionary and Thesaurus is a professional software package that integrates a complete dictionary and multifaceted thesaurus of the English language into a single and powerful language reference system. TheSage can look up words directly from almost any program (IE, Word, Firefox, Outlook, Thunderbird,... ).

Portable Song Master PRO 1.0.0

Song Master Portable gives you the tools to learn your favorite songs directly from the recording and to practice them efficiently. Song Master Portable uses advanced machine learning and deep learning algortihms to determine a song's high level sections, chords, bars, beats, time signature, key, and tuning.

Portable Subliminal Messages 1.1.8

Subliminal Messages Portable is easy to use desktop application, which helps you to improve your life and to achieve any goal you want. If you have ever tried to change something in your life and failed to do it or if you feel that something always stops you from success, then this application is for YOU. Subliminal Messages software is designed to help you reprogram your inner belief system – your subconscious mind.