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Portable Z-Info Suite

CPU-Z is a utility that will provide you with the most detailed information about the processor, memory, cache and motherboard installed in the system. GPU-Z is a handy program with which you get the most of all kinds of information about the video card and its graphics processor. PCI-Z- the utility is designed to detect unknown devices that are connected via the PCI, PCI-E or PCI-X bus. SSD-Z is a utility for solid state drive owners that can easily find out the firmware version of your SSD, SMART, TRIM, etc.

Futuremark PCMark 10 v2.1.2535 (x64) Multilingual

Futuremark PCMark Portable 10 is the latest in Futuremark series of industry standard PC benchmarks. Updated for Windows 10 with new and improved workloads, PCMark 10 is also faster and easier to use. Futuremark PCMark 10 features a comprehensive set of tests that cover the wide variety of tasks performed in the modern workplace.

Portable PCFerret Pro

PCFerret Pro Portable is a Windows compatible program which has been designed to find things on a PC which may be difficult to find, undesirable or intentionally hidden. PCFerret Pro is an ideal tool for parents, schools and businesses alike. It’s easy to use and the award-winning user interface makes it suitable for both the computer novice and the IT professional.

Portable Passmark DiskCheckup 3.5.1001

PassMark DiskCheckup Portable allows the user to monitor the SMART attributes of a particular hard disk drive. SMART (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) is a feature on a computer's hard disk for providing various monitoring indicators of disk reliability. If SMART is enabled on a hard disk, the system administrator can receive analytical information from the hard drive to determine a possible future failure of the hard drive.

Portable West Wind WebSurge Professional 1.17 (x64)

URL and load testing is a critical stage in the development of any website, and more often than not, it is also a time-consuming one. We built West Wind WebSurge with developers and testers in mind to make it easy to create HTTP requests or entire sessions, and then easily play back either individual URLs for API or response testing, or for full-on stress testing under heavy load.

Portable HD Tune Pro 5.75

HD Tune is a HD/SSD utility which contains various functions ranging from drive performance measurements to securely erasing all data. It is also capable of performing disk health checks (including scanning for errors and a temperature display). HD Tune Pro adds the following functionality compared to the free version: low-level write performance benchmark, file benchmark, random access performance measurement and a cache test. It also sports a disk monitor, a folder view (which displays the disk usage per folder) and the…

Portable WhySoSlow 1.60 Home Edition

WhySoSlow Portable does a serious effort at analyzing your system to find out why it's running slow. Instead of focusing on a limited set of possible factors that may slow down your computer, this software takes a holistic approach to analyzing the responsiveness and performance of a system. It's intended as a one-stop solution for checking all perfomance health factors of a system.

Portable Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool (x64)

Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool is a simple-to-use program capable of performing several benchmarks on your computer, in order to test the features of your Intel processor. Upon initialization Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool automatically starts the scanning procedure. During this time it is highly recommended you stop your regular activity on the workstation, in order to prevent any unwanted errors and report glitches.

Portable DiskMark

If you are curious about your hard drive's performance, DiskMark portable can provide you with the information you need. This lightweight utility can benchmark your hard disk, to determine its reading and writing speeds. It lets you make a few simple configurations, but it does most of the work for you.