Portable Ghostbuster

GhostBuster is a powerful tool which will scan your Registry for ghosted devices (hardware which was once connected to your PC, but is no longer present), highlight these and allow you to remove them at a click.

Why bother? One reason is to clean up your Registry. There’s really no reason for you to still have a Registry reference for a mouse which you broke and threw away two years ago, for instance – GhostBuster can delete this for you.

And the process can also be useful for troubleshooting. When a device isn’t working then sometimes you can have problems getting rid of the old drivers, so that you’ll be prompted to install new versions. GhostBuster may be able to clean away the old references, allowing you to install the latest drivers and hopefully get everything working again.


  • Updated code that shows a devices properties (context menu).
  • Added new code to release comport that are removed but still in use.
  • Note: it will not repair missing items in the comportdb (yet).
  • Added opening the registry for either the device or the services key (if present).
  • Made it possible to lift the services barrier and remove them too (IniFile). It will probably not remove the device’s service that was detected and led to the labeling as service.
  • Version set to v1.0.5.0.