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R-Wipe & Clean Portable is a comprehensive software program designed to optimize the performance of your computer system by wiping out all unnecessary files and traces left in your PC. This utility tool is an essential software for those who want to protect their sensitive and confidential data from prying eyes and ensure that their PC runs smoothly.

The program offers a variety of features and tools to manage and optimize your PC’s performance. Its primary function is to remove temporary and unwanted files, as well as cached and residual data from applications, which can take up significant space on your hard drive and slow down the system. The software deep-cleans the computer’s registry, erasing invalid references and optimizing the operating system’s performance.

This software allows you to free up hard disk space, turning a cluttered and slow computer into a well-tuned machine. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to manage tasks like cleaning temporary files, browser cache, cookies, and also wiping away the history logs of your online activity.

With R-Wipe & Clean Portable, you can protect your personal data from online snoopers and malicious actors. The software has tools to erase data from deleted files, and restore encrypted data held in various formats. You won’t need to worry about any potential security risks as this software has an added feature that allows you to keep your data from being recovered. It encrypts content with your preferred algorithms and cleans traces of your personal information from the internet.

Furthermore, R-Wipe & Clean provides a higher level of data security by offering government-level data destruction tools. This feature ensures that confidential and sensitive files are permanently erased from the system without the possibility of retrieving them. Thus, you can safely delete files, images, videos, and other documents without worrying about anyone being able to see your deleted data.

The software also provides for secure erasing of logs, cookies, browsing history, and temporary files created by virtually all modern web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and others. With this option, you can be sure that all your browsing history is completely erased, leaving you without any traces of your online activity.

Another critical feature of R-Wipe & Clean is its ability to optimize the speed and overall performance of your PC. The software can analyze system data and remove all unnecessary files and directories. Therefore, performance is improved, and data fragmentation is minimized.

To sum up, if you want guaranteed security for your data and privacy, plus optimal performance, then R-Wipe & Clean Portable is the software for you. This software has a well-designed interface, can erase your internet tracks, browser history, cookies, and other traces of your online activity securely. It is highly customizable and has a wide range of features that meet different software needs. Plus, it’s easy to use, make sure to download and try it out to see the tremendous improvements in your PC’s functionality.

Computer Cleaning

Traces Selection helper: a tool to quickly select some of the most common traces to clean.
Cleaning Internet activity: removing traces from most contemporary browsers and communication programs.
Cleaning personal traces: removing various lists, logs, caches, temporary files, and other traces of your activity.
Cleaning system traces: removing registry traces, temp files, system history, and various log files.
Cleaning traces from various third-party programs: removing various caches, logs, temporary files, recent file lists, and other traces left by applications.
Cleaning can be performed as a background task and computer can be turn off upon its completion.


Support for SSD devices: R-Wipe & Clean correctly recognizes SSD devices and by default wipes only necessary data on the disk preventing them from additional wear.
Strong or fast erase algorithms, including DoD-approved, for wiping files and free disk space.
Support for FAT/exFAT and NTFS file systems.
Wiping files’ alternate data streams and cluster “tips”, or free parts of file clusters.
Wiping files directly from File Explorer.
Wiping free space on a single disk directly from its shortcut menu.
Wiping unused space of several disks through one single wipe task.
Wipe records of small files stored directly in the NTFS Master File Table.
Predefined wipe lists of files, folders, and Registry keys to be wiped through a single task. Files or folders can be added to a current wipe list directly from File Explorer.

Advanced Features:

All separate cleaning and wiping actions can be combined into large wipe and clean tasks to launch them manually or at scheduled times or events (user log-on/log-off, system start-up/shutdown, closing any or all browsers, etc.)
Detailed representation of all trace items on your computer.
Detailed logging of all wipe and clean operations.
Customization: R-Wipe & Clean can hide those items you will never want to clean.
Full system integration: Most wipe and clean operations can be performed directly from Windows.
Password protection.
R-Wipe & Clean Smart: an advanced tool to create and manage very complex wipe lists.
Cleaning and wiping task can be started from a command line.
Boss Key to close a web-browser in emergency.
Stealth mode to hide computer cleaning.
Standby/hibernate control: Your computer will not hibernate until R-Wipe & Clean finishes its long job.
Startup Renaming for files/folders locked by Windows and other programs. They will be renamed and cleaned during the next start-up.

New R-Wipe & Clean features in version 20.0

  • Completely redesigned Classic interface.
  • Touch interface for devices with touch screens.
  • Traces Selection helper for the most common traces.
  • Support for SSD devices.
  • R-Wipe & Clean Smart for complex wipe lists.
  • Free R-Wipe & Clean Lite.
  • New items to clean.

R-Wipe & Clean Portable Release Notes:

New features
+ A new item Stored Popups Data has been added to the Microsoft Edge section.
+ A new item HTTPS-First Mode Data has been added to the WWEP Traces tab in the Installer Traces part of the User's section.
The Program Traces section
The following items have been added:
+ 2 new applications Apple Devices and Ashampoo Connect;
+ a new item Indexed Databases to the Clipchamp tab;
+ a new item Site Engagement Statistics to the Corel PaintShop Pro tab;
+ a new item Session Event Log to the VEGAS Pro tab;
+ a new item Stored Cookie Controls Metadata to the TeamViewer tab;
+ a new item File Change History to the Visual Studio Code tab;
+ a new item Rollback Journals to the Adobe Photoshop tab;
+ a new item Stored Update Files to the Adobe Acrobat tab;
+ a new item Stored Form Filling Metadata to the Outlook tab;
+ new items Databases Old Logs to the the Spotify and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom tabs;
+ 3 new items to the Affinity Designer tab: Cache Files, Cookies, and Rollback Journals.

The Program Traces section
* Detection in the system has been improved for the Netflix tab.
Display and deletion have been improved for:
* the Cache Files items on the Adobe Photoshop and CyberLink AudioDirector tabs;
* the Stored Update Folders item on the Adobe Acrobat tab;
* the Temporary Files item on the Snipping Tool tab;
* the Mobile Devices Crash Reports on the iTunes tab.



Download R-Wipe & Clean Portable

Uploadrar – 26.3 MB
RapidGator – 26.3 MB

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