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A4ScanDoc Portable is a useful software solution that provides you with a decent set of features and supports automatic document feeders and Duplex printers, while also offering a handy quick scan tool that relies on user-created profiles.

It is very easy to use, and it features a minimalistic interface that, while somewhat outdated, has an intuitive layout. However, the application offers no documentation to help first-time users.

Versatile scanner that supports multiple output formats

Once one or more documents have been scanned, they are displayed in the left-hand panel, and you can open any of them in the main preview area for closer inspection.

After getting rid of any items that are less than satisfactory, you can save the scanned documents to PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP or PDF files.

Perform adjustments before saving your scanned documents

Naturally, some corrections are likely to be necessary, and A4ScanDoc has you covered. It allows you to alter the images’ brightness and contrast, and the changes can be applied to one or all the items.

Additionally, the program offers a helpful deskewing function that can be activated to correct the alignment of the scanned documents.

Furthermore, you can customize the scanning area before launching the operation, so as to minimize the amount of processing required after exporting the files.

Nifty utility that can scan documents automatically and offers a useful quick scan mode

A4ScanDoc is capable of launching a scanning operation at regular intervals, a function that can be very helpful if you need to process multiple documents at once.

Moreover, it is possible to save scanning profiles and perform the same job again with just a couple of mouse clicks.

A4ScanDoc Features:

Supports image formats
– scan to TIFF, BMP, JPEG, PNG

Scan settings
– user-friendly interface for scan settings

Scan profiles
– just set up once an option scan documents and save the profile. The next time it will be enough just to open it.

Stream scanning
– support the ADF and duplex scanning. Automatic Deskew function

Scan to PDF
– support scan to PDF.



Download A4ScanDoc Portable

Download – 6.8 MB

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