Portable UNFORMAT Professional 7.0.3




Restore formatted PC Disks, Memory Cards & USB. Unformat portable is a software utility created to solve almost all data loss scenarios due to logical failure. It can recover deleted files on a disk or restore deleted or damaged partitions and volumes. As well as recovers data after using the FORMAT command.

Data Recovery
– Restores formatted HDD, SSD, USB Flash disks & Memory Cards NTFS, FAT/exFAT, HFS+, UFS, ZFS, Ext2/3/4/BtrFS

All File Systems
– Recovers MS NTFS/ReFS/FAT/exFAT, Apple HFS+, Unix UFS/XFS, Linux Ext2/Ext3/Ext 4/BtrFS
– Memory cards accidently formatted in cameras

All Memory Card
– Memory cards accidently formatted in all cameras, smart phones, MP3 Players, etc.

PC Hard Drives
– ATA, SCSI, SATA, eSATA, SSD and SAS hard drives
– USB connected disks and flash drives

– USB connected disks and flash drives

– Automatic operability for user convenience

What’s NEW:
More pre-defined file signatures recognition: SQL Server Databases (MDF), Virtual Hard Drive Files (VHDX)
Support for ReFS versions 3.x file system scan & data recovery, including non-standard sector sizes: 1024, 2048, 4096
Improvements in Linux/Unix JFS and XFS file systems data recovery
Improved handling of dynamic virtual disk arrays: LDM & LVM
Improved software stability while working with damaged disks
Improvements in Windows Storage Spaces partitions handling
Improved Custom Signatures scripting for user templates creation to search deleted file by their signatures


X-703UP.rar – 21.8 MB