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ChatGPT Portable is a unique and innovative online chat platform that provides users with a secure and easy-to-use environment to connect with people around the world. The platform is easy to use and offers a number of features that set it apart from other online chat platforms. Whether you want to make new friends, improve your language skills, or just have fun, ChatGPT is the perfect platform for you. With various chat rooms, virtual gifts, translation capabilities and mobile apps, ChatGPT has something for everyone.

This is a big and exciting update. It works like a telegram bot command and helps you quickly set up a custom mockup to make chatgpt work the way you want it to. This project took up a lot of my free time. So if it helps please help me spread the word or leave a star, it’s a great encouragement to me. We hope to continue to update and add more interesting features in the future.
How does it work?

See awesome-chatgpt-prompts for interesting features to import into your app. You can also use the sync prompt to sync everything in one click. If you don’t want certain prompts for slash commands, you can turn them off.

In the chatgpt text input area, type a letter starting with / to invoke the command prompt and press the spacebar, which by default fills the input area with the text associated with the command (Note:
If it contains multiple prompts, only the first prompt is selected as input. Continue typing until the first Command Prompt command is the one you want, then press the spacebar.
Or click with the mouse on one of several commands. Press Enter when the filling process is complete.
Below the slash command, use the Tab key to change the contents of the {q} tag (only single changes are supported #54). Use ⇧ (up arrow) and ⇩ (down arrow) on your keyboard to select the slash command.

ChatGPT Portable Features

Export ChatGPT history (PNG, PDF and Markdown)
The main window and system tray support custom URLs to wrap any website into a desktop application
Automatic application upgrade notification
Common shortcut keys
System tray hover window
Powerful menu items
Support for slash commands and their configuration (can be configured manually or synchronized from a file #55)
Customize global shortcuts (#108)
Pop-up Search (#122 mouse selected content, no more than 400 characters): The application is built using Tauri, and due to its security restrictions, some of the action buttons will not work, so we recommend going to your browser.



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