Portable Calibre 5.34.0 Multilingual




Effortlessly keep your e-book library thoroughly organized with the help of this efficient and straightforward software solution.Calibre Portable is a powerful and easy to use e-book manager. Users say it’s outstanding and a must-have. It’ll allow you to do nearly everything and it takes things a step beyond normal e-book software.

It’s also completely free and open source and great for both casual users and computer experts. It is free, open source and cross-platform in design and works on Linux, OSX and Windows.Calibre is meant to be a complete e-library solution and thus includes, library management, format conversion, news feeds to ebook conversion as well as e-book reader sync features.

Calibre is an application that allows you to view, convert and organize e-books in a simple manner.

The user interface of the program is simple to use. You can add e-books (from a single or multiple directories) by using the file browser or the “drag and drop” function. You can also add books by entering their ISBN code.

In the tag browser you can sort e-books according to their author, language, series, format, publisher, rating, as well as news, tags and identifies.
So, you can download or edit metadata individually or in bulk, get covers, merge e-book records, convert e-books individually or in bulk (in the XML, CSV, EPUB, MOBI and other formats), as well as send e-books to devices.

You can also use the “Fetch news” feature to download news from websites and convert them into a preferred e-book format. It is possible to schedule news downloads, add a custom sources or download all scheduled news sources as well.

Calibre allows you to create libraries and toggle between them, as well as rename, delete, backup and restore libraries, connect to iTunes, start a content server, search and sort e-books, and more.

The program uses a high amount of system resources and contains a comprehensive help file. It didn’t freeze or crash during our tests. Calibre is easy to use and provides a great solution for viewing and organizing e-books in various formats.

What’s NEW:

New features

  • Happy holidays to everyone!
  • Driver for the new Nook Glowlight 4
  • Edit book: Spell check tool: Add an exclude files button to exclude some files from being checked
  • EPUB/MOBI Catalogs: Increase the maximum thumbnail size to 3 inches from 2 inches
  • Allow creating a shortcut in Preferences->Shortcuts->Edit metadata to paste metadata ignoring the value of the exclude_fields tweak
  • E-book viewer: Displays links marked up as glossary and bibliography links as popups
  • Add a tweak in Preferences->Tweaks to provide the sort value for undefined numbers

Bug fixes

  • Edit book: Fix pressing F8 to jump to next misspelled word not working after last word in current file
  • Fix PDB E-reader output broken in calibre 5
  • Edit book: Reports: Include descendant selectors that use classes when counting class usage
  • E-book viewer: Fix an error when opening some books with highlights that span in-line text formatting
  • MTP driver: Do not send the calibre device db files to the root folder on the Supernote A5 x as it fails
  • ToC Editor: Workaround an occasional error when closing on Windows if the file being edited is in a DropBox/antivirus prone folder
  • Fix a regression in the previous release that broke creating new keyboard shortcuts
  • Comments editor: When flowing the tool bar onto multiple lines do not split up groups of buttons
  • Various compatibility fixes for Python 3.10 used by some Linux distributions

Improved news sources

  • Pocket
  • El Pais
  • American Prospect
  • Mediapart



Download Calibre Portable

Download – 110.5 MB

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