Portable EasyBCD


EasyBCD is a powerful bootloader-modification tool that has a wide-range of applications and usages. It can perform a variety of tasks ranging in complexity and application from the most basic to advanced and highly-customizable features.

Please use EasyBCD with care, it’s a powerful tool that you can either make your life a lot easier or make it rather miserable by letting you shoot yourself in the foot.

EasyBCD can’t fix a PC that won’t boot.

Use our Windows recovery disks to:

  • Fix boot errors
  • Resolve startup BSODs
  • Restore registry and settings
  • Clean up virus infections

What’s NEW:

  • Fixed: bcdboot paramters in RepairBootDrive call
  • Fixed:/NLT crashes on malformed XML translation files
  • Fixed: partitions with 64-bit extensions are not supported
  • Fixed: Detect <= Windows 7 and disable metro bootloader to prevent hidden boot menu
  • Fixed: Statusbar height shrinks when blank under Windows 10
  • New: Add autocompletion to all path textboxes
  • New: Add Ability to turn on/off hypervisor state for entries
  • New: Verify destination of “change boot partition” is at least 75 MiB
  • Include Bulgarian in BCD/BOOTMGR locale list
  • Include XML validity checks as part of build process
  • Custom SWF high-DPI support in EasyBCD
  • High-DPI support in EasyBCD setup
  • Do not repeatedly apply existing settings when modifying entry attribute