Portable FFMetrics 1.0.0



FFMpeg can be used for calculating different visual quality metrics (PSNR, SSIM, VMAF). FFMetrics Portable is a FFMpeg GUI that purpose is to visualize quality metrics calculated by FFMpeg. The program allows you to select files without dealing with command line, calculate & visualize PSNR, SSIM & VMAF quality metrics for all of them in one go.


  • PSNR, SSIM, VMAF visual quality metrics
  • Processing up to 12 files in one go
  • No limitations on frame size for PSNR/SSIM, Full HD/4K for VMAF
  • Brief media info for reference and distorted files
  • Thumbnail for reference file
  • “Bad” frames can be extracted and saved as PNG images for further analisys
  • Only parts of video files can be analyzed
  • Easy to use UI: drag & drop files from Explorer onto Reference field and Files list or use file choosers
  • Frames graphs can be zoomed in/out with mouse wheel (try it over graph or graph’s axes), panned with right mouse button and saved as PNG
  • Frames metrics can be saved as tab-delimited csv files and then opened in Excel
  • FFMpeg commands can be saved to log file (FFMetrics.log)
  • Average metrics, frames statistics, frame size, bitrate, date/time and file name can be saved to tab-delimited csv file (appended) and then opened in Excel
  • VMAF model selected automatically based on reference media info, but can be changed using UI
  • Supported VMAF models type (pkl or json) detected automatically
  • Most program options could be supplied as command line parameters
  • Free. No registration, banners, tracking etc.



Download FFMetrics Portable

Download – 100.4 MB

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