Portable Franzis CutOut 9 professional




Cut out the finest image details such as hair precisely and use them for perfect image collages! Simply replace unsuitable backgrounds to conjure up a completely changed portrait that looks as if you had shot your subject against this background. Are there any disturbing things in the picture? With the intelligent eraser, you can easily remove annoying image elements such as cars or advertising signs without any traces of editing.

CutOut 9 professional Windows
Your specialist for professional cropping, retouching and composition. Including filter plug-ins and extensive image processing.

– Three individual release methods
– Reduce JPEG artifacts
– Precise cutting through curve fitting
– Can be used directly in Photoshop as a plug-in
– Adjustable edge optimization

Exclusive in the Pro version: plug-in
Followers of the Adobe Photoshop world also benefit from the improvement in cropping that is now possible with CutOut. You simply install the free integrated filter plug-in for Photoshop and enjoy the new convenience of cropping and creating cool photo montages.

New tools and functions
Thanks to the new tools and functions in CutOut 9 professional, your time spent on cropping images is reduced even further.

Smoothen JPG artifacts
Stop worrying about unsightly JPEG artifacts. These disturbances caused by the compression algorithm can now be easily removed. The improved algorithm gives you clearer crop results without artifacts. The magnet tool is also practical: Select a simple object quickly without switching to the free mode.

Clean edges
A well-known problem with difficult motifs is cropped edges. But from now on you can easily tell CutOut 9 professional what is a simple and what is a complex edge. The curve fitting for complex edges then ensures a correct release in an uncomplicated manner.

In the area of edge optimization you now also have the option of manual adjustment: Decide for yourself how many pixels the desired area should contain. If the borders of your object are difficult to see due to a very dark image, CutOut has the right function ready. The manual cutting of an object is made much easier by increasing the brightness. However, the actual image is not changed, so that you do not have to change the brightness after you have cut it out.


Hexupload – 20.5 MB
Uploadrar – 20.5 MB

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