Portable PDF Pro 1.01




PDF Pro portable has everything you need to get your PDF work done.

PDF Pro Desktop Edition Features:

Industry leading text editing
-Edit text just like a word processor. Use the built-in spell-check together with powerful Find & Replace operations. You can even edit text across columns and pages, create new text layouts and make use of tabs, indents and complex justification.

Fill-in interactive forms and “old-school” PDFs
-Now you can fill out any kind of PDF form from the modern, interactive variety to traditional, static forms that would normally require printing-out and filling in by hand. Save, email or print your filled forms just as a normal PDF.

Fast and secure text & image redaction
-Redact words one at a time or using find & replace. Add colours and labels to your redactions. Even redact images with total security. All redactions are ‘deep’, extending through the entire PDF, its bookmarks and other hard-to-get-at, lurking data invisible to most viewers.

Renumber pages, add headers/footers and user-defined watermarks
-Renumbering PDF pages is never going to be as easy as you’d wish but PDF Pro gives you all the tools you need to do it quickly and with complete design freedom.

Comment, annotate, stamp using user-defined stamps
-PDF Pro offer a comments catalogue to allow to see at-a-glance, the location, author and type of all comments in a document. You can also define and add your own stamps and watermarks as well as rapidly apply a selection of handwritten signatures to documents.

Translate PDFs and retain layout
-Use your existing C.A.T. tools to translate XML exported from PDF Pro. Then import the translated XML back into your PDF and PDF Pro will place it all into its correct locations and ensure the best possible fit for your new text.