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Perfectly Clear WorkBench Portable is a powerful image editing software designed for professional photographers and graphic designers who require precise, high-quality image correction and enhancement. This software is a standalone application that provides advanced tools and features that allow users to edit and retouch images in a comprehensive and efficient manner.

One of the standout features of Perfectly Clear WorkBench Portable is its user-friendly interface. The software is designed to be easy to use, even for users who are not familiar with image editing software. The interface is customizable, allowing users to set up the workspace to suit their needs. The software also offers a range of keyboard shortcuts and customizable hotkeys, making it easy for users to access commonly used tools.

Perfectly Clear WorkBench Portable offers a range of tools for correcting and enhancing images. The software includes a range of automatic and manual correction tools, allowing users to improve the color, exposure, and sharpness of their images. The software also includes a range of retouching tools, allowing users to remove blemishes, wrinkles, and other imperfections from their images.

Another key feature of Perfectly Clear WorkBench is its support for batch processing. The software allows users to process multiple images at once, making it easy to apply the same corrections and enhancements to large sets of images. This feature can save users a significant amount of time and effort, especially when working with large numbers of images.

Perfectly Clear WorkBench also includes a range of customization options. The software allows users to customize the color, brightness, and contrast of their images, as well as the color temperature and saturation. This makes it easy to create images that are tailored to the specific needs of the user.

Another key feature of Perfectly Clear WorkBench is its support for plugins. Plugins are software modules that can be added to the software to extend its functionality. Perfectly Clear WorkBench supports a wide range of plugins, including plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, allowing users to customize the software to suit their specific needs and preferences.

Overall, Perfectly Clear WorkBench Portable is a powerful and versatile image editing software that is perfect for professional photographers and graphic designers. The software is easy to use, yet offers a range of advanced features and tools to help users create professional-quality images. Whether you are correcting and enhancing images for a client or just need to retouch a personal photo, Perfectly Clear WorkBench is an excellent choice.

What’s New in Perfectly Clear WorkBench 4:
1. Beautiful new interface
2. New image correction tools:
a. Preprocessing section for Input Looks and “Image Ambulance” for manual exposure corrections
b. “Face Aware” exposure for more accurate auto-exposure corrections in portraits and group photos
c. Black Point tool to deepen blacks
d. New Color Vibrancy tool to complement our previous “Vibrancy” control (now renamed to Color Restoration)
e. Sky and Foliage enhancements
3. Existing tools have been improved:
a. Added strength sliders to Light Diffusion and Vibrancy for better control
b. Better ‘color pickers’ for Skin Tone and Blush adjustments
4. Manually identify faces that are not detected automatically
5. One-click to zoom to individual faces
6. Modify facial regions to provide the best corrections
7. Histogram
8. Much improved preset management

Supported Image Formats:
Perfectly Clear requires RGB-formatted images in either 8 or 16-bit color depth. Any image file that Photoshop or Lightroom can open and convert to this format may be used in Perfectly Clear. Monochrome and CMYK images must be converted to RGB before using Perfectly Clear. RAW files must be opened through Adobe Camera RAW and loaded into Photoshop to be accessible to Perfectly Clear.

Tremendous Speed Increases

We’ve already helped speed up your editing time with our automation, but now our processing time on RAW files and JPEGs is even faster on Windows and Mac ARM (M1 and M2) machines. This is an important area for us as Perfectly Clear continues to be a huge time saver for your business.

RAW File Processing Speed Increases:

  • 150% speed increase processing RAW files on Windows devices
  • 300% speed increase processing RAW files on Mac ARM (M1 & M2) devices

Improved Stability

Perfectly Clear desktop products have undergone multiple updates to be more stable than ever. We know stability is important to your business, so we’re taking steps to make sure your workflow is never interrupted.

Increased RAW Support

We’ve updated our RAW file support engine to make processing RAW files easier and faster. Not only is the processing time faster, this also dramatically expands the number of file types and cameras that can be used in our desktop products.

The benefits are enormous for those of you working with RAW — as soon as Microsoft or Apple supports a new camera, we do too.

This change does require new extensions to be downloaded on Windows computers. Please note that you must download these three extensions for RAW file support on Windows devices.

4 New Game-Changing Features for School & Sports Photography

If you’re in the business of school & sports photography, your time is worth more than gold. Our mission is to simplify your life, enabling you to focus on what truly matters. Perfectly Clear is already used by dozens of school portrait photography companies to speed up manual editing, reduce labor costs, and easily upsell to parents. Now, we’ve released four brand new updates created specifically for you:

  1. A new AI Preset Model with targeted corrections for school & sports photos
  2. Achieving natural, lifelike skin tones with our latest version of AI Skin Tone Accuracy
  3. Accurate color correction with AI-powered automatic white balance
  4. Effortless and consistent crops with our newest iteration of Auto Crop

New AI Preset Model Designed Specifically for You

School & Sports AI Preset Selection Model

Get targeted corrections that were created specifically for school & sports photography.

We took feedback from all of our school portrait customers and partners and created this special AI Preset Model to meet your needs. Every type of photo you work with is covered under this AI Preset Model to make sure these corrections bring out the best in your photos.

Achieving Natural, Accurate, Lifelike Skin Tones

AI Skin Tone Accuracy

We’re excited to release our newest iteration of AI Skin Tone Accuracy that achieves natural, lifelike skin tones no matter the shade.

We recognize the profound impact of photography on our perception of the world and ourselves —  each captured moment is a timeless memory. Accurately representing skin tones is a huge part of this. Cameras are notorious for picking up infrared on faces, especially on darker skin tones. Often, pale skin looks too green or gray.

This new version of AI Skin Tone Accuracy was years in the making and ensures accurate skin tones across the entire range of complexions. We analyze each image, detect & categorize skin tone, and apply targeted correction based on that specific skin tone’s needs.

Accurate Color Correction with Automatic White Balance

AI White Balance

Effortless and Consistent Crops on Your Portraits

Auto Head Cropping Version 2

Introducing the newest version of Auto Crop, where perfectly cropped portraits are just a click away! Say goodbye to tedious manual cropping and hours spent sorting through photos or outsourcing to other companies.

Auto Crop now effortlessly handles the cropping process based on your specified parameters, ensuring consistent head sizes, eyelines, and gap between the top of the head and top of the photo. Not only does this save you time on your general cropping needs, it’s also extremely beneficial to get a consistent crop for yearbook creation. Auto Crop images result in yearbook pages with consistent head sizes and eyelines.

In Auto Crop 2.0, we’ve further improved the “head gap” for larger heads and enhanced head location and sizing when the head is rotated, making it even more robust and efficient than our previous version.




Download Perfectly Clear Workbench Portable

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