Portable Nevercenter Pixelmash 2023.1.0 (x64)




Pixelmash is a new kind of pixel art and animation tool that quickly tackles some of the most difficult parts of pixel art. This allows high-resolution and vector-based layers to be used alongside low-resolution per-pixel layers. High-res and vector layers are non-destructively pixelated to low-res in real-time, giving you an incredibly powerful new way to create pixel art with transforms, tweens, and advanced layer effects!

Pixelmash Portable takes a whole new approach to pixel art by painting or importing high resolution images, then non-destructively pixelating them and applying other layer effects to turn them into stunning pixel art. Offers. Technology is evolving rapidly, but graphics are getting closer to reality. More than ever, pixel art is alive and well. It can be used as a guide for any type of environment. You can definitely count on Pixelmash in this regard.

Start a new drawing or transform an image

As the name suggests, the application’s specialty is applying pixel effects. Since this is core functionality, we need some control over the situation. You can create pixel art from scratch or try converting existing images that need to be in PAD, JPG, PNG, TIF, TIFF, and other formats.

Overall, the user interface is very responsive and intuitive. The largest space is occupied by the canvas, which updates in real time as changes are made. You can toggle the visibility of the original image to get an idea of ​​how far the optimization has gone. The side panel lets you manage your colors and effects, while the top toolbar contains most of the tools you’ll use.

Drawing tools, layers and effects

As you may know, image resolution refers to the number of pixels in width and height. These values ​​are displayed for the loaded image, which may reduce the number of pixels.Image size is as is, but multiple pixels are combined and the colors are blended to create a pixelated effect.

Layer management allows you to fully include or eliminate all details. You’ll have the opportunity to refine your work with drawing tools, erasers, color pickers, and transforms. You can toggle the visibility of layers and shuffle everything with the press of a button.

As mentioned earlier, the application also includes some effects that you can add to your project. These include partial alpha, color key, auto grading, auto color, gamut constraint, colorize, outline, and disable mirror. You can save your work as a PNG or TIFF image file. One last word

In summary, Pixelmash Portable may not look like an advanced image editor, but it comes with decent tools for creating pixel art easily. You can pixelate almost any image with options to adjust intensity or add effects.

Release Note:

  • Added new Remap Color Palette layer effect to easily remap some or all of the colors in your document, including several handy matching modes (replaces Restrict Color Palette)
  • Improved color lists in all layer effects that use them – a menu button replaces the delete button (also accessible via right-click), and now allows you to import palettes from the document or a file, or to clear all colors
  • Added a prompt for whether to use a blank image or a copy of the previous keyframe image when setting an animation frame to be a new image keyframe
  • Made adding colors to the document palette add the new color at the end of the list instead of the beginning
  • Changed animation speed from seconds per frame to frames per second
  • Made SVG import use average gradient color for shapes that have a gradient fill/stroke color
  • Made SVG import update pivot of SVG parent layer to content
  • Fixed SVG layer import order bug
  • Fixed bug where SVG imported shapes could have transparent colors that could not be made opaque
  • Fixed bug where visibility keyframe wasn’t working right when playing the animation in the preview window
  • Fixed bug where preview of active painting tools could mess up animation previews, exports, and undo/redo display
  • Fixed bug where layer editor could update incorrectly on undo
  • Fixed bug where background color on windows could load/save improperly between sessions



Download Pixelmash Portable

Download – 13.3 MB

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