Portable ProfiCAD 12.2.1




ProfiCAD Portable is designed for drawing of electrical and electronic diagrams, schematics, control circuit diagrams and can also be used for pneumatics, hydraulics and other types of technical diagrams.

ProfiCAD Portable is a professional software application that helps you create electrical designs and diagrams. Although it comes with a bunch of dedicated settings, the user interface is clean and simple.

Technical tasks of automatic control

ProfiCAD Portable bundles a number of predefined electrical drawings related to electronics, electrical installations and interiors as well as other areas, which can be injected into the work environment to create analog circuits.

When it comes to the integration of electrical components into the work area, the program provides quick access to various categories, namely the distribution board (e.g. switches, circuit breakers, pilot lights). ), machinery (induction motors, reactors), outdoor installations (e.g. transformers, point amplifiers), PLCs, generators, switchgear, protective devices and Device Drivers.

Support multi-layer management

ProfiCAD Portable allows users to work with multiple layers and pages, rotate or flip selected elements, zoom in or out, draw different objects (e.g. rectangle, ellipse, arc, line, etc.) ), as well as cut, copy, or paste elements.

Furthermore, you can embed text messages that can be customized in terms of font style, size, number, color and alignment.

There are several options designed to help you change the border and fill color of each element and create a list with your favorite objects.

In addition, you can search, change the background color of the circuit board and specify the page size.

Can handle different output formats

The created project can be printed or exported in PNG, BMP, EMF or DXF format. Alternatively, you can copy the selected drawing to the clipboard and paste it into other third-party applications.

All things considered, ProfiCAD proves to be a reliable utility when it comes to creating electrical diagrams. It includes many useful features that can be configured by all types of users, regardless of their experience level.


  • The easiest CAD for electrical circuits. Maximum care was paid to ergonomics and ease of use. Just place electrical symbols into the drawing and attach the wires.
  • Ships with more than one thousand symbols. You can easily create your own symbols in the symbols editor or have them drawn for you for a fee.
  • Supports automatic numbering of symbols, generation of netlists, lists of wires, bills of material, drawing of striped wires and further advanced features.
  • The program supports cross references between wires and between symbols belonging to one component (e.g. relay coil + contacts). A linked symbol on a different page can be accessed by clicking on the cross reference.



Download ProfiCAD Portable

Download – 13.1 MB

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