Portable Regard3D 0.9.5 (x64)




Regard3D is a comprehensive 2D to 3D picture converter. Transform plain 2D images into 3D ones with this powerful application that allows you to use up to five keypoint detection threads. The software allows users to control most of the process parameters.

Loads photos in JPG format

Regard3D is a structure from motion utility that can be used to generate 3D images from conventional ones. This is performed by estimating three dimensional module coordinates from standard 2D picture sequences. Therefore, this implies (and requires) that multiple images of the same object, taken from different angles, are present.

The software features a very clean interface, which really complements the intuitive 3D modeling process. All the steps necessary to generate advanced graphics files are displayed in a logical sequence, which makes understanding the process very easy.

More-so, the sequential manner in which the conversion is performed allows users to solve potential issues on a step-by-step basis. This is very important, since the algorithms (and, therefore, the errors) involved are quite complex.

Features powerful, but resource-intensive algorithms

The actual process of creating motion from structure is performed in highly intuitive incremental steps: a folder for the source pictures is selected and then the application computes matches between these images.

After this step, triangulation methods are employed to generate a sparse point cloud. Densification algorithms yield a rough result, and the “Surface generation” option will generate the actual 3D picture (OBJ extension).

If, however, the previous lines sound a bit too technical, users should not worry: all the complex mathematical formulas are well-hidden from plain sight, and the whole process takes place with little input.

This being said, advanced users are free to tweak around with some advanced settings, like the keypoint sensitivity and the number of threads used for densification . However, caution should be exercised when making adjustments, as the program will quickly gobble up all system resources.

What’s NEW:

Path of user camera db can be set in properties
Fixed bug: Now Brown camera model can be used
New export to external MVS SURE (commercial tool by nFrames)


X-095R3Dx64.rar – 52.9 MB

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