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Whatever you use – desktop, mobile, or tablet – Sketchbook Portable is there with the tools you need. Create, sketch, doodle, and capture your ideas wherever you are.

It is human nature to express themselves, either through dancing, singing or other art forms. One of the oldest methods of expression one’s self is drawing, and it persists even now in the digital world. SketchBook Portable is a neat Microsoft Store app designed to let you draw whatever crosses your mind while bringing you the benefits of the latest features technology has to offer.

A lightweight graphics editing tool

SketchBook Pro is easy to start with, almost as easy as with a brush and a canvas. Speaking of which, the app’s brush engine is powerful, having a vast library of preset brushes, and even the ability to create custom brushes. The animation and ink flow are smooth and behave exactly as they would in the real world, and the texture brushes look surprisingly realistic, almost like the real thing. As with all modern sketching and drawing apps, SketchBook Pro works primarily with layers, which can be later exported into PSD format for further editing with other similar software tools.

Create and enjoy vivid colors the way you want them to be

The sheer amount of tools provided by the app can overwhelm you, starting from image adjustments (e.g., cropping, symmetry adjustments, etc.) to additional toolbars (e.g., brush editor and color puck, etc.). You are not limited to a set amount of color presets, as you can customize an unlimited amount of shades and tints starting from your favorite colors with the help of the highly flexible color wheel. If you feel that the number of brushes the app comes with is too small, you can always download more official or user-created content for free. Once you are done with your digital masterpiece, you can save it in one of the many image formats (currently it supports TIFF, BMP,  JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD and PXD file formats).

Beautiful to use
Purpose-built to sketch, Sketchbook has an intuitive and streamlined UI that doesn’t get in the way of your drawing process, while providing all the essential features like layers and blend modes that a professional artist expects.

Hundreds of brushes
Sketchbook comes with a full complement of brush types: pencils, markers, airbrushes, paint, smear and more. Brushes are highly customizable so you can create just the look you want.

Fill with color
Build up color and bring your sketch to life. Using layers and color fill tools in Sketchbook you can apply a variety of techniques to color your work, including dynamic linear and radial gradients.

Smooth lines
For styles that seek precision, or those who just like a little help as they draw, Sketchbook has the tools to assist you. Traditional rulers, curved rulers, ellipse, and French curve tools are available to guide you, or you can also use the Predictive Stroke tool to draw perfectly smooth strokes.

Dynamic symmetry
Sketchbook’s vertical, horizontal, and radial symmetry tools can help you capture your idea more easily by mirroring your pen strokes to create intricate designs instantly.

Natural pen interaction
Sketchbook is extremely responsive to a stylus; the experience feels natural like drawing on paper. As you draw, Sketchbook provides a faithful representation of your strokes with pressure and tilt, so you see the depth and directionality your hand intended.



Download SketchBook Portable

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