Portable Sky Email Verifier



Welcome to Sky Email Verifier Portable. We provide Fast, Efficient and Easy Email verification software to help you winning the business.


Easy to use

Only one step, importing a mail list file, the software will start email verification automatically.

Fast to run

The software will automatically adjust the number of threads according to the network situation, to maximize the use of network resources.

Real-time display email verification status

1.Displaying the number of total email
2.Displaying the number of verified email
3.Displaying the number of valid email
4.Displaying the number of invalid email
5.Displaying the different verification results through different colors.
6.Displaying the time used of email verification.

How to export

1.Support TXT and CSV file formats.
2.Support different email verification results, such as valid/invalid.



Download Sky Email Verifier Portable

Download- 6.6 MB

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