Portable Slitheris Network Discovery Pro 1.1.314



Slitheris Network Discovery Portable is designed to agentlessly detect information from computers and other network devices, including those with credential or configuration issues. It’s popular among Managed Service Providers (MSPs), but is also useful for anyone who wants quick network overviews, with or without a lot of technical knowledge. Because Slitheris is new and fairly straightforward, this first user guide provides simply a quick overview.

Slitheris Network Discovery Portable, like other tools that use active scanning, may cause Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) & Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) to alert. Please add an exclusion in any IDS/IPS for your local PC if needed. Please scan responsibly. Always get permission.

The top of the Slitheris interface is a dark blue dashboard displaying various information, including discovery engine, scanning status, device count, ping sweep and an IP map displaying the currently selected IP range.

IP range scans can be started 3 ways: scanning all at once, scanning selected ranges, or expanding any IP range. In an effort to offer a multi-threaded GUI, additional scans can be started while other scans are in progress.

Slitheris Network Discovery Portable for Windows is a new premium next-generation network scanner, capable of gathering a wide array of information from network devices without credentials or agents. You’ll get more information than any free Windows-based IP scanner. And there’s no need to configure remote PCs, servers or other network IoT devices.

Because of this, it’s extremely useful for both organizations and MSPs (Managed Service Providers) or IT providers who need to visit numerous customer networks and sites. In fact, because MSPs have been our initial focus, it’s perfect for MSPs scanning multiple customer sites needing quick network overviews.

Release Notes:

  • Improved scan speed
  • Improved Linux detection


Download Slitheris Network Discovery Portable

Download – 8.9 MB

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