Portable Franzis PHOTO WORKS Projects Elements 3.34.02375




Today’s Photo Editing! Forget everything that you have so far heard about photo editing. PHOTO WORKS projects 3 elements contains 75 presets created by international photographers to conjure a look that will impress you and your community.

Remove Haze From Your Photos
With PHOTO WORKS projects 3 elements, even dull photos can obtain the brilliance of the pictures that you see in glossy magazines. You have never seen your holiday pictures look like this. The sky is finally blue again, the colours radiant, and your shots receive a sharpness you have never seen before.

Express Your Own Style!
Get inspired by the different looks found in the supplied presets and discover a unique style for your photos.

PHOTO WORKS projects 3 elements Highlights
– Over 75 landscape, nature, portrait, architecture, surreal and artistic presets for masterful shots
– Over 30 film emulations from Agfa, Kodak, Fuji, Ilford and others
– Includes textures, structures and borders: paper, carton, linen, fabric, drawing, pop-art
– Intelligent Optimization Assistant for sharpness, tone vaule, clarity and noise removal
– Processes all current RAW formats, TIFF and JPEG
– Optimized colour reproduction thanks to innovative SCA Technology (Smart Colourspace Adaption)
– Completely independent software, no further photo editing necessary

What’s NEW:

• Enhanced precision in the Denoise/Sharpen and Distortion sections in the RAW Module
• Redesign in quality and efficiency (approx. 10% faster) of all Tone Mapping processes
• The Options offer adjustable filename syntax for images exported through the original path
• The Options Window is now completely legible on screens with a resolution of 1024 pixel rows or less
• Sensory Error Correction automatically chooses the correct level of zoom
• The Optimization-Assistant now functions more subtly
• Shortcuts for Zoom have been integrated into the RAW Module
• Shortcuts for Zoom have been integrated into Sensory Error Correction
• The Upload of .jxr Files is now supported
• Incoming image uploads are prevented by Plugins during Batch-Processing
• All versions come with an automated update-check
• The Preview and Real-Tiime Mode buttons now show a noticable display shown when these are active
• Improvements in the quality of Brilliance Optimization
• Full-screen mode can now be exited using the ESC button
• The image browser displays the text information pertaining to the current search process
• The program title bar now displays the pathway and filename of loaded images
• Windows: The loading process can be cancelled by aborting image preparation
• Image Files in Batch Processing are sorted alphabetically
• Improved use of filesave capabilities: 32-Bit Versions use LowRes textures, 64-Bit versions use HiRes textures
• Presets receive automatically upon export their own category “customized” as well as their own Timecode
• The RAW Module no longer recalculates when the display quality is altered
• A double-click of the handles in Compare-View restores default settings
• DENOISE projects: Additional Plug-Ins for Adobe® Photoshop versions CS6 until Adobe® Photoshop CC 2015.5 and Photoshop Elements 11 to 14
• DENOISE projects: Additional Plug-ins for Adobe® Photoshop Lightroom 4 to Adobe® Photoshop Lightroom CC

Bug fixes:
• Example projects can no longer be overwritten
• Artefact build up brought about by HDR-Fusion of an individual image has been removed
• Images in Timeline are now displayed on all systems as a Tooltip
• A problem pertaining to the automatic Ghosting Correction in 360 degree Panoramas has been removed

• Automatic Ghosting Correction has been rendered 300% more efficient
• Drawing in HDR-Painter has been made 35% faster
• The Panorama-Viewer has been accelerated by 300%
• HDR-Fusion speed has been increased by approx. 10%
• Numerous Post-Processing Filters with soft masks have been rendered more efficient
• (Soft Contrast, Soft Details, Peripheral Light Distribution, etc.)
• The spped of Denoise as well as Sharpen function processes in the RAW Module have been substantially increased
• The time needed in opening a project has been notably reduced
• The selection calculation time of regions to exclude has been notably decreased


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