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TwistedBrush Pro Studio Portable , a Program for Digital Artists of Any Level With a strong focus on natural media painting, photo editing and illustrative styles, TwistedBrush has more than 9000 brushes in over 250 ArtSets! That’s more brushes than included in any art software anywhere at any price. If that still isn’t enough you can create your own brushes with the powerful brush effects system capable of representing fine watercolors, smooth pens, full algorithmic trees or even recorded brush strokes or image processing filters.

TwistedBrush Pro Studio Portable is a digital art software program designed to give artists and designers a powerful platform for creating digital artwork. It has a wide range of features that allow users to create stunning images, from simple sketches to complex digital paintings.

The software comes with over 9,000 brushes, each with its own unique style and effects. These brushes are organized into categories such as natural media, foliage, fur and hair, abstract, and more, making it easy for users to find the perfect brush for their project. Additionally, users can create their own custom brushes using the Brush Designer tool, allowing them to fully customize the look and feel of their artwork.

One of the standout features of TwistedBrush Pro Studio Portable is its extensive library of textures. Users can choose from over 5,000 different textures including paper, canvas, stone, metal, and more. This allows for added depth and dimensionality to artwork, giving it a realistic feel.

Another key feature of TwistedBrush Pro Studio is its ability to work with layers. Users can create multiple layers within a document, allowing for greater control over individual elements of an image. Additionally, the layer blending modes allow for creative experimentation, enabling users to blend layers in various ways to achieve unique effects.

The software also includes a variety of tools for color management, including color palettes, gradients, and advanced color selection options. Users can save and load custom color sets, making it easy to use consistent colors throughout their artwork.

TwistedBrush Pro Studio includes a wide range of drawing and painting tools, including pencils, pens, markers, airbrushes, watercolors, and more. Each tool has its own unique settings, allowing users to adjust the size, opacity, and other properties of the brush stroke.

The software also includes a variety of filters and effects that can be applied to artwork, including sharpening, blurring, distortion, and more. These tools allow users to add visual interest and make their artwork pop.

TwistedBrush Pro Studio also supports a wide range of file formats, including PSD, JPEG, PNG, TGA, BMP, GIF, and more. Users can export their artwork in any of these formats, making it easy to share their creations with others or use them in other applications.

In addition to its powerful features, TwistedBrush Pro Studio is also incredibly user-friendly. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing users to focus on their artwork rather than getting bogged down in complex menus and settings.

Overall, TwistedBrush Pro Studio Portable is an exceptional digital art software program that offers a wide range of tools and features for creating stunning artwork. Whether you’re a professional artist or just starting out, this software is sure to provide you with everything you need to take your digital art to the next level.

Thousands of Brushes
TwistedBrush Pro Studio includes as standard every brush available from Pixarra. Over 9000 at last count, covering every area of digital art from great natural media to wild brushes to brushes with that can build a random tree or whole city skyline with a single stroke.

64-bit Imaging
Internally a full 64 bits of color information is used per pixel to accomplish the incredible blending found in TwistedBrush.

Powerful Brush Engine
Perhaps the most powerful image editing brush engine in existence anywhere. A single system with the flexibility and performance to mimic full natural media brushes, complex blending operations, very specialize procedural object painting such as single stroke trees and everything in between. The scope of brush effects is mind blowing!

Drawing Tablet Support
Experience expressive drawing and painting with the drawing tablet support with high precision sampling and pressure sensitivity.

Color Palettes
A large array of color palettes, including, dynamic color palettes and mixing color palettes are included or create your own palettes from sampling an existing image or automatically creating ramps of colors.

Brush Editing
With TwistedBrush Pro Studio full brush editing capabilities are included. Using a specialized sequencing system over 400 brushes effects and 150 time envelopes modify the core brush types to produce the wide range of brushes. Share your brushes with other or import the brush codes from other users for an unlimited supply of brushes.

Layers and Transparency
TwistedBrush fully supports transparency and layers with all the standard layer mixing modes plus many unique mixing modes that can’t be found anywhere else. Layers are accessed from either the layer mini bar on the left or the full Layer panel on the right.

TwistedBrush Pro Studio has extensive mask support for protecting and selecting parts of your images. Use the Magic Wand tool with the wide range of options for creating masks or use masking brushes to paint your masks. In addition to dedicated tools for masking there are masking (and unmasking) brushes as well as a special mask actions available from the Mask menu.

Extensive Tool Set
In addition to some of the tools already listed, a full range of tools are at your disposal including, Color Picker, Brush Cleaner, Selection, Crop, Move, Line, Rectangle, Ellipse, Paint Bucket, Gradients, Mask Rectangle, Mask Ellipse, Mask Wand, Image Warp, Script Brush, Copy tool, Paste tool, Text, Pan, Rotate Brush, Drawing Guides and Adjust Brush tools.

Image Processing Filters
Well over 200 image processing filters give you the tools to manipulate your photos or other work. From all the common image processing filters to exceptional filters found no where else such as the Value Blur, Photo Pop, Photo Detailer or Outliner filters. Shown on the right is the menu selection for filters. The Blur category of filters alone has 17 different types of blurs all of which can be configured is custom control panels. The depth of filters in TwistedBrush Pro Studio is amazing!

A fantastic productivity system that allows for easy storage and reuse of your clipped images and photo elements for use later.

Tracing paper
A drawing guide that allows you to see another image below your current image. Great when used with cloning brushes or just for a guide for proportions and layout.

Brush control
TwistedBrush Pro Studio Brush Control is a custom control panel that changes for every Pro brush. The brush editor allows the designer to define exposed control points for a brush to make it easy to tune a selected brush without needing to understand the details of brush editing.

With the cloning brushes included in TwistedBrush Pro Studio and available for TwistedBrush Open Studio you can do all the standard cloning actions for photo touchup or convert your photos into the look of paintings or drawings.

Image formats
In addition to the TwistedBrush specific file format, TBR, all the leading industry standard image formats are supported including, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TGA, PCX, PSD, BMP, PCD, WMF and EMF.

Brush modifiers
Hundreds of quick and easy brush modifiers for changes the brush shape, texture, size, rotation and color combinations.

With over 40 guides drawing precise images is easy. From simple grids and snap to grids to complex 3D perspectives, all drawing guides can be layered together with 8 guides active and any one time.

Lua script filters
The growing standard of GLUAS for using the Lua scripting language for writing image processing filters is included. TwistedBrush extends the standard with additional methods for programmers to create even better filters for sharing with the TwistedBrush user base.

A one click solution for complex actions. Apply frames, advanced image processing, layouts and other tasks that might normally require significant work have been record for your easy play back.

Adobe Photoshop (TM) compatible plug-ins
Use the wide range of industry standard plug-ins right in within TwistedBrush Pro Studio.

TwistedBrush Pro Studio Portable Release Notes:

  • New Brushes
    • Natural Media (2023) ArtSet! Our best natural media brushes have been enhanced to provide an even more realistic and immersive digital painting experience. Discover new levels of realism and detail with our upgraded Natural Media brushes.
    • Premium Sampler ArtSet added. 24 select brushes from the Premium ArtSets! – A carefully curated collection of 24 select brushes, handpicked from our Premium ArtSets. Elevate your art to the next level with premium oils, loaded brushes that allow you to paint with multiple colors at once, specialized Auto Tile Pattern brushes for generating unique patterns, Premium Design Explorer brushes for creating intricate designs and abstract art, and even Christmas-themed brushes, plus a few of our Premium Portraits brushes for making photorealistic artistic portraits.
    • Broadleaves 1 and Flowering Trees ArtSets from Tree Studio 4 – We’ve added all significantly improved broad leave tree brushes from Tree Studio 4, and also the new Blossoming Trees Artset, including Judas Tree, Magnolia, Lilac, Mimosa, Cherry Blossom, and Red Crape Myrtle. With these powerful new brushes at your disposal, you can easily create breathtaking landscapes and outdoor scenes that capture the essence of nature’s beauty.
  • Others
    • Ability to hide/show individual sections for the UI panels, exposed in the View menu, Quick Command panel and hot keys! Now you have the ability to show or hide individual sections of the UI panels, which is accessible through the View menu, Quick Command panel, and hotkeys. This feature provides more control over your canvas and painting space. You can easily hide any of the panels whenever you want to focus on your artwork without any distractions.
    • Option to create a reference image from clipboard contents. Found in Edit menu. We’ve made it even easier to use external images as a reference for your artwork! With our latest upgrade, you can now create a reference image directly from the contents of your clipboard. Simply copy any image from outside Pro Studio and set it as a reference with just one click. This new feature, located in the Edit menu, will save you time and effort in your creative process, allowing you to focus on bringing your vision to life.
    • Option to create palette from selection. Available in Palette menu and selection popup menu. With just a few clicks, you can now create a custom color palette from any selection in your artwork or uploaded image – perfect for quickly capturing and reusing colors.
    • Webp image format support added for saving and loading. This means you can now save and load your artwork in this high-quality, compressed format. With Webp, you’ll be able to store your images with smaller file sizes without sacrificing image quality. This feature makes sharing and uploading your artwork online faster and more efficient.
    • Report date of last edit for an image (page) in Page Summary
    • Insert Before Page and Insert After Page options added to Page Explorer
    • Option to set the data directory for all storage. Located in the Edit menu.


  • Suppport the longer form extension for JPEG files, .jpeg.
  • Added page width and height to the main application title bar
  • Added keyboard shortcut keys to the Page Explorer menus
  • The layer mix mode dropdown list stays open now after selecting a layer mix mode
  • Create Palette from image improved to make full use of palette
  • Formatting cleanup of the Tool options panel


  • Reference image not redrawing when returning from iconic state
  • Loading a PNG with transparency not updating the layers panel properly
  • Creating a color palette is reseting all the color palettes when it should not
  • The page scroll in Page Explorer is skipping 3 pages of images, it should skip to the next page
  • PSD loading and saving isn’t working in some cases
  • Raw camera image load isn’t working in some cases
  • Import any image functionality missing. Now over 200 different image formats can be imported.
  • Formatting issues on many popup message boxes.
  • At start the tool options panel was displaying when it should not.
  • Resize Image dialog not defaulting to an algorithm.
  • Brush filters not setting default values in the filter dialog.
  • Lua based filters not working correctly for brush filters.​


Download TwistedBrush Pro Studio Portable

Download – 36.0 MB

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