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EximiousSoft Vector Icon Portable is a powerful Icon creation tool. You only need to perform a few simple mouse clicks, Vector Icon can output icons in any format. It builds icons based on vector design concepts, so support for vector format icon output is undoubtedly the best.

It supports vector formats including SVG, SVGZ, PDF, PS, EPS, EMF, WMF, etc. Vector Icon also supports the production of icons in raster format, and supports all popular formats such as ICON, PNG, BMP, JPG, TIFF, PSD etc. The size of the icon can be a standard size or a customized size. The output icons in Window ICON Format is fully compatible with Win Vista/ Win 7/ Win 8/ Win 10/ Win11. The PNG format icons can be widely used on Linux/Unix, Android, IOS, Windows Phone and other platforms.

One of the key features of EximiousSoft Vector Icon Portable is its user-friendly interface. The software is designed to be easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to access all of the tools and features they need to create high-quality vector icons and graphics.

EximiousSoft Vector Icon Portable includes a wide range of tools and features for creating and editing vector graphics. Users can draw and edit shapes, lines, and curves, apply colors and gradients, and add text and other elements to their designs. The software also includes a range of pre-designed templates and shapes, which can be used as a starting point for creating new designs.

Another useful feature of EximiousSoft Vector Icon is its ability to export icons and graphics in a range of file formats, including PNG, BMP, GIF, ICO, and SVG. This makes it easy for users to integrate their designs into a variety of applications and platforms, such as websites, mobile apps, and desktop software.

EximiousSoft Vector Icon also includes a range of advanced features for creating complex vector graphics. Users can apply special effects and filters, such as shadow and reflection effects, to their designs, and can also use the software to create 3D graphics and animations.

In addition to these features, EximiousSoft Vector Icon also includes a range of tools and utilities for managing and organizing vector graphics. Users can create and manage multiple projects, and can also import and export graphics from other applications.

One of the major advantages of EximiousSoft Vector Icon is its versatility. The software can be used to create a wide range of vector graphics, including icons, logos, banners, buttons, and more. This makes it a useful tool for designers and developers who need to create graphics for a variety of applications and platforms.

Another advantage of EximiousSoft Vector Icon is its speed and efficiency. The software is designed to be fast and responsive, allowing users to create and edit vector graphics quickly and easily. This is especially useful for users who need to create complex graphics or work with large files.

EximiousSoft Vector Icon is also highly customizable, allowing users to tailor the software to their specific needs and preferences. Users can choose from a range of settings and options, such as color palettes, font styles, and graphic styles, to create a customized solution that meets their unique requirements.

Overall, EximiousSoft Vector Icon Portable is a powerful and versatile software tool for creating and editing vector icons and graphics. Its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and customization options make it a popular choice among designers and developers who need to create high-quality graphics for a variety of applications and platforms. Whether you need to create icons, logos, banners, or other vector graphics, EximiousSoft Vector Icon is a reliable and efficient solution that can help you get the job done with ease.

Provides Numerous Icon Sets
EximiousSoft Vector Icon provides a large number of Icon Sets. Each Icon Set has a different purpose or style. Each of the icons is carefully designed by the EximiousSoft Team and saved in the icon library in vector format. The icon library is placed on the EximiousSoft cloud server and will be updated and added new icons from time to time. In addition, EximiousSoft Vector Icon also provides more than 5000+ high-quality graphics locally. They are classified according to industries or uses. You can drag it into the current design view as needed, and then adjust the size and position of the graphic. After coloring, it becomes a very cool icon. Use EximiousSoft Vector Icon to make your design work extremely simple and convenient.

Key Features

Create and Edit Vector Icons
• Vector Icon is a powerful vector graphics editor that provides a complete set of tools to edit icons.
• Support icons to be exported into files in vector formats such as SVG, SVGZ, PDF, PS, EPS, EMF, WMF etc.

Product Raster Format Icons
• Allows to export icons in standard or customized sizes as Windows Icon, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PSD, JPG, GIF and other formats files.
• Icon Files are allowed to contain multiple images of different sizes. Each image can contain alpha channel.

Numerous Icon Sets
• Vector Icon provides a huge number of icon sets. Each icon in it is carefully designed by the EximiouSoft team.
• Each icon is saved on EximiousSoft’s cloud server within vector format. All icons in the library will be updated from time to time, and new icons will be added.

5000+ Pre-designed Graphics
• Vector Icon provides more than 5000 vector graphics of the highest quality. They are divided into more than 70 categories according to their own characteristics for users to find.
• Every graphic is easy to browse and discover, drag and drop to add it to the design view.

Import & Export & Convert
• Support for importing vector graphics formats such as: SVG, SVGZ, PDF, AI, EMF, WMF, CDR, CDT, VSD, VSDX etc.
• Support for importing raster image formats such as: ICON, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, TGA, CUR, ANI, TGA, PCX, PSD, etc.

Fill & Stroke
• Each drawing element can be filled with solid color, gradient colors, a pattern or an image.
• Each drawing element can be stroked with solid color, gradient colors, a pattern or an image while be applied with different dash, pen width styles.

Draw Basic Shapes
• Provides very intuitive tools to easily draw rectangles, ellipses, polygons, stars, spirals and other shapes on the canvas.
• Each Shape drawing tool contains many options. Through different combination of options, you can create a unique icon.

Create & Edit Path
• With freehand tool, pen tool and brush tool to draw paths elements on canvas easily and quickly.
• By using the node tool, you can increase or decrease the nodes on paths, and also join or broke segments on the paths.

Selection & Transform & Layout
• With selection tool, it is easy to select, translate, scale, rotate and skew the drawing objects.
• Do grouping Object, clipping path, mask, alignment, distribution for the selected drawing elements only by few clicks.

300+ Filters for Rendering
• Vector Icon comes with 300+ ready-to-use filters. With it, create amaze icons in seconds.
• Apply a filter to selected drawing elements only by a mouse clicking.
• According to actual needs, more filters will be added to support icon design in the future.

Vector Icon Portable Release Notes:

Starting from this version, Vector Icon adopts the latest vector rendering engine and vector editing tools. A large number of modules have been rebuilt to eliminate some defects in the previous version. At the same time, the new version has higher stability and a better editing experience for making icons.



Download Vector Icon Portable

Download – 32.4 MB

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